A compiled list of expansion packs planned to be released by fans that never came to fruition, whether because they were forgotten or cancelled.

In the earliest stages of Zoo Tycoon 2 modding, things moved slowly and not many breakthroughs for meshing and texturing were prevailent. This often led to many projects being started but never finished, even by teams that were considerably large.

Since these expansion packs often have too little information on them and are not relevant enough for their own page, they are be listed here.


  • Wild Wetlands
  • Rise of the Anthropods
  • Ancient Seas
  • Miocene Madness (*Leaked)
  • Formidable Seas (*Leaked, merged with Cretaceous Calamity)
  • The Future is Wild
  • Fantasy Features
  • Alien Invasion
  • Polar Paradise
  • VaranoMania
  • Exotic Beings
  • Horse Passion
  • Theater of Horror
  • Marvellous Maps
  • Jurassic Park Pack
  • Worldwide XPs
  • An Antarctican Pack

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