The following is a list of all official games and expansion packs released as part of the Zoo Tycoon series.


Image Name Release date
Zoo Tycoon Boxart Zoo Tycoon October 17, 2001
Zoo Tycoon - Dinosaur Digs Coverart Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs May 19, 2002
Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania| Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania October 21, 2002
Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection August 12, 2003
Zoo Tycoon 2 CoverartZoo Tycoon 2November 9, 2004
Zoo Tycoon Endangered SpeciesZoo Tycoon 2: Endangered SpeciesOctober 18, 2005
Pageimage-AfricanAdventureZoo Tycoon 2: African AdventureMay 16, 2006
Zoo Tycoon 2 - Dino Danger PackZoo Tycoon 2: Dino Danger Pack*July 2006
51y4uIvTH9LZoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper CollectionOctober 1, 2006
Pageimage-MarineManiaZoo Tycoon 2: Marine ManiaOctober 17, 2006
Pageimage-ExtinctAnimalsZoo Tycoon 2: Extinct AnimalsOctober 16, 2007
Zt2 ucZoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate CollectionSeptember 30, 2008

*= A downloadable/purchasable content pack rather than a full expansion pack.


Image Name Device Release date
Zoo Tycoon DS Zoo Tycoon DS Nintendo DS October 11, 2005
Zoo Tycoon 2: MobileMobile Devices
Zoo Tycoon 2 DS Zoo Tycoon 2 DS Nintendo DS February 5, 2008

Gaming Console


Image Name Console Release date
ZtZoo TycoonXbox 360
Xbox One
November 22, 2013

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