This is a list of features of the animals in Zoo Tycoon 2 that do not agree with science and are not zoologically accurate.

  • Red pandas aren't bears (as stated in Zoopedia), and they are only distantly related to the Giant panda, which is a bear. They share the name "panda" because of their diet, bamboo. Red pandas are more closely related to raccoons then bears.
  • Ratels are generally weaker than they are in real life. In-game ratels can be killed by most other predators in the game, whearas real ratels are sometimes known to kill buffalo.
  • Most of the animals have incorrect lifespans.
  • The horns of female bongos are too long.
  • African buffalos and American bison share the same sound.
  • Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Kentrosaurus and Ankylosaurus are portrayed as being weaker than the large carnivores. However, in real life these dinosaurs could easily take down many animals that are commonly percieved as "more dangerous" than them.
  • Peafowls like scrub, rainforest and grassland much more than temperate forest.
  • Many of the size ratios are incorrect. For example, Tyrannosaurus rex is barely larger than the African elephant. Both animals were approximately the same weight, but T. rex was much longer.
  • All the larger meat-eating dinosaurs in the game are equally powerful, meaning that Carnotaurus and Stokesosaurus are just as powerful as T. rex, and even have the ability to kill him if they are angry or hungry enough. In reality, Carnotaurus and especially Stokesosaurus, while certainly fearsome predators in their own right, were not nearly as strong as Tyrannosaurus.
  • The dromaeosaurids and other dinosaurs are all scantily feathered, and have broken hands.
  • The Utahraptor is oversized.
  • The Deinonychus is a typical Jurassic Park raptor rather than a real animal.
  • Stokesosaurus is oversized.
  • The flamingo and ostrich were similar sizes.
  • The female okapi should not have horns.
  • Protarchaeopteryx is portrayed as a carnivore which can bring down a Kentrosaurus.
  • Protarchaeopteryx can fly in the game.
  • Protarchaeopteryx is oversized and mistaken repeatedly for Archaeopteryx.
  • Carnotaurus's arms are too long.
  • Megatherium is portrayed as fully bipedal, when it should be partly bipedal and mostly quadrupedal.
  • The daisy is not pink, it is white.
  • The majority of the theropod dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus and Carnotaurus, have an incorrect posture.
  • The black rhinoceros is a bit larger than white rhinoceros.
  • The Zoopedia lists the greater flamingo's scientific name as Phoenicopterus ruber, instead of the proper Phoenicopterus roseus.
  • The Asian elephant and the American mastodon are depicted as a bit taller than African elephant.
  • The Kentrosaurus is oversized.
  • The musk ox is larger than the other two cattle.
  • The musk ox has a very long tail in the game, while in real life their tail length is only 10 cm long.
  • The Zoopedia entries for Styracosaurus and Triceratops state that the latter evolved from the former, and that they were both preyed upon by T. rex and Carnotaurus. Though Styracosaurus is a relative of Triceratops, the two dinosaurs are from different subfamilies, and are thusly not direct relatives; and while Triceratops was indeed contemporary with Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus lived on an entirely different continent. Styracosaurus did not live with either theropod.
  • Black leopards are able to kill a jaguar.
  • American bison, African buffalo, musk ox, and the wildebeest has a slightly distorted animations/movements.
  • The caribou is oversized.
  • The Ethiopian wolf is larger than a gray wolf.

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