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This is a list of official animals in the Zoo Tycoon 2 series.

Zoo Tycoon 2

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Grizzly bear
Grizzly Bear Boreal Forest Endangered 3.5 North America
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Tundra Vulnerable 3 Arctic
American Beaver
American Beaver Wetlands Vulnerable 3 North America
Dromedary Camel
Dromedary Camel Desert Low Risk 0.5 North Africa
Cheetah Savannah Vulnerable 2.5 Africa
Chimpanzee Tropical Rainforest Endangered 3.5 Central Africa
Nile Crocodile
Nile Crocodile Wetlands Low Risk 1.5 Central Africa
African Elephant
African Elephant Savannah Endangered 4 Africa
Greater Flamingo
Greater Flamingo Wetlands Low Risk 1 Central Africa
Thomson Gazelle
Thomson's Gazelle Savannah Low Risk 0.5 East Africa
Gemsbok Scrub Low Risk 1 Southern Africa
Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe Savannah Low Risk 2.5 East Africa
Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4 Central Africa
Hippopotamus Wetlands Vulnerable 2.5 Central Africa
Ibex Alpine Vulnerable 1.5 European Alps
Jaguar Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 2 South America
Red Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo Scrub Low Risk 2 Australia
Ring-Tailed Lemur
Ring-Tailed Lemur Temperate Forest Vulnerable 3 Madagascar
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard Alpine Endangered 4 Asia
Lion Savannah Vulnerable 2.5 Africa
Moose Boreal Forest Low Risk 0.5 North America
Okapi Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 2 Central Africa
Ostrich Savannah Low Risk 2 Africa
Giant Panda
Giant Panda Temperate Forest Endangered 5 China
Red Panda
Red Panda Temperate Forest Endangered 4 China
Common Peafowl
Common Peafowl Temperate Forest Low Risk 0.5 Asia
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin Tundra Low Risk 1 Antarctica
Black Rhinoceros
Black Rhinoceros Savannah Critically Endangered 3 East Africa
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger Tropical Rainforest Endangered 3.5 Southeast Asia
Common Zebra
Common Zebra Savannah Low Risk 1.5 East Africa

Endangered Species

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Giant Sable Antelope
Giant Sable Antelope Savannah Critically Endangered 2 Southern Africa
Spectacled Bear
Spectacled Bear Temperate Forest Vulnerable 4 South America
American Bison
American Bison Grassland Low Risk 0.5 North America
Caribou Tundra Low Risk 0.5 Arctic
Fennec Fox Desert Low Risk 2 North Africa
Crested Gibbon
Crested Gibbon Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4 Southeast Asia
Horse Przewalskis
Przewalski's Wild Horse Grassland Critically Endangered 3 Central Asia
Koala Temperate Forest Low Risk 2.5 Australia
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon Scrub Vulnerable 2 Southeast Asia
Spanish Lynx Temperate Forest Critically Endangered 3.5 Spain
Markhor Alpine Endangered 2 Asia
Orangutan Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4.5 Southeast Asia
Scimitar Horned Oryx
Scimitar-Horned Oryx Desert Critically Endangered 1 North Africa
Florida Panther
Florida Panther Wetlands Critically Endangered 5 Florida
Javan Rhinoceros
Javan Rhinoceros Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered 3.5 Southeast Asia
Bairds Tapir
Baird's Tapir Tropical Rainforest Endangered 1.5 Central America
Galapagos Giant Tortoise
Galapagos Giant Tortoise Scrub Endangered 1.5 South America
African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog Savannah Endangered 3.5 South Africa
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf Boreal Forest Low Risk 2.5 North America
Wolverine Boreal Forest Vulnerable 3 North America

African Adventure

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Aardvark Scrub Low Risk 2.5 Africa
African Buffalo
African Buffalo Wetlands Low Risk 0.5 Africa
African Spurred Tortoise
African Spurred Tortoise Desert Vulnerable 1 North Africa
Barbary Ape
Barbary Ape Temperate Forest Vulnerable 2.5 Northwest Africa
Bongo Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 0.5 Central Africa
Caracal Scrub Low Risk 4.5 Africa and Asia
Ethiopian Wolf
Ethiopian Wolf Alpine Critically Endangered 5 Ethiopia
Gelada Alpine Low Risk 3.5 Ethiopia
Gerenuk Scrub Low Risk 2 Africa
Mandrill Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable 4.5 Central Africa
Masai giraffe
Masai Giraffe Savannah Low Risk 1 Africa
Meerkat Scrub Low Risk 3.5 South Africa
Nile Monitor
Nile Monitor Wetlands Low Risk 1.5 Africa
Pygmy Hippopotamus
Pygmy Hippopotamus Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered 4 Central Africa
Ratel Grassland Low Risk 2 Africa and Asia
Secretary Bird
Secretary Bird Grassland Low Risk 3 Africa and Asia
Striped Hyena
Striped Hyena Desert Low Risk 4 North Africa
African Warthog
Warthog Savannah Low Risk 3 Africa
White Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros Scrub Low Risk 2.5 South Africa
Wildebeest Savannah Low Risk 1.5 Africa

Dino Danger Pack

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
ZT2 Carnotaurus Old
Carnotaurus Boreal Forest Extinct 3 South America
ZT2 Styracosaurus Old
Styracosaurus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 1 North America
ZT2 Triceratops Old
Triceratops Boreal Forest Extinct 4 North America
ZT2 Tyranosaurus Old
Tyrannosaurus rex Tropical Rainforest Extinct 5 North America

Marine Mania

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Beluga Tundra Vulnerable 0.5 Arctic Ocean
Bottlenose Dolphin Coastal Vulnerable 3.5 Global Warm Oceans
West Indian Manatee2
West Indian Manatee Coastal Vulnerable 1.5 Atlantic Ocean
Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin Pelagic Low Risk 1 Atlantic Ocean
Narwhal Tundra Vulnerable 3 Arctic Ocean
California Sea Lion
Sea Otter* Coastal Endangered 2.5 North Pacific Coasts
Rockhopper Penguin Coastal Vulnerable 2 Southern Ocean Islands
Manta Ray
Manta Ray Reef Low Risk 0.5 Global Warm Oceans
California Sea Lion
California Sea Lion Coastal Low Risk 1.5 East Pacific Coast
Goblin Shark2
Goblin Shark Benthic Low Risk 4 Global Warm Oceans
Scalloped Hammerhead Pelagic Low Risk 3.5 Global Warm Oceans
Blacktip Reef Shark
Blacktip Reef Shark Reef Low Risk 3 Indo-Pacific Oceans
Whale shark
Whale Shark Benthic Vulnerable 4.5 Global Warm Oceans
White shark
White Shark Benthic Vulnerable 5 Coasts Worldwide
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle Pelagic Critically Endangered 2.5 Global Warm Oceans
Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle Coastal Endangered 1 Global Warm Oceans
Pacific Walrus
Pacific Walrus Tundra Low Risk 4.5 Arctic Ocean
False Killer Whale
False Killer Whale Coastal Low Risk 4 Coasts Worldwide
Orca Tundra Low Risk 5 Circumpolar Oceans
Pilot whale
Short-Finned Pilot Whale Pelagic Low Risk 2 Global Warm Oceans

Extinct Animals

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Ankylosaurus Wetlands Extinct 4 North America
Aurochs Temperate Forest Extinct 1 Eurasia
Short-Faced Bear
Short-Faced Bear Tundra Extinct 4 North America
Elephant Bird
Elephant Bird Wetlands Extinct 2.5 Madagascar
Bluebuck Grassland Extinct 0.5 Southern Africa
Giant Camel
Giant Camel Grassland Extinct 1.5 North America
Saber-Toothed Cat
Saber-Toothed Cat Boreal Forest Extinct 4 North America
Bush-Antlered Deer
Bush-Antlered Deer Temperate Forest Extinct 1.5 Eurasia
Deinonychus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 2.5 North America
Deinosuchus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 4.5 North America
Dimetrodon Wetlands Extinct 3.5 North America
Diprotodon Wetlands Extinct 2 Australia
Dodo Tropical Rainforest Extinct 0.5 Mauritius
Doedicurus Scrub Extinct 2 South America
DwarfSicilianElephant F
Dwarf Sicilian Elephant Grassland Extinct 3 Mediterranean Islands
Gigantopithecus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 4.5 China
Kentrosaurus Wetlands Extinct 2 East Africa
Cave Lion
Cave Lion Alpine Extinct 3.5 Europe
American Mastodon2
American Mastodon Boreal Forest Extinct 4.5 North America
Killer Penguin
Killer Penguin Tundra Extinct None Madagascar
Protarchaeopteryx Wetlands Extinct 1 Asia
Quagga in game
Quagga Savannah Extinct 1.5 Africa
Woolly Rhinoceros2
Woolly Rhinoceros Tundra Extinct 3.5 Eurasia
Sivatherium Savannah Extinct 1 Africa
Giant Ground Sloth
Giant Ground Sloth Scrub Extinct 5 South America
Stegosaurus Boreal Forest Extinct 4 North America
Stokesosaurus Boreal Forest Extinct 1.5 North America
Thylacine F-1-
Thylacine Temperate Forest Extinct 3 Tasmania
Utahraptor F
Utahraptor Boreal Forest Extinct 4.5 North America
Velociraptor Desert Extinct 0.5 Central Asia
Warrah Grassland Extinct 2.5 Falkland Islands
Giant Warthog
Giant Warthog Savannah Extinct 3.5 Africa

Official Bonus Downloads

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Addax Desert Critically Endangered 2 North Africa
Asiatic Black Bear
Asiatic Black Bear Temperate Forest Vulnerable 2 Asia
Asian Elephant
Asian Elephant Scrub Endangered 3.5 Southeast Asia
Black Leopard
Black Leopard Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 3 Africa
Musk Ox
Musk Ox Tundra Low Risk 0.5 Arctic

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