The Llama is an adoptable animal for Zoo Tycoon.

In Zoo Tycoon

The llama is an official download that prefers an elevated habitat and requires 150 squares of space, or 15x30 to be happy, and an additional fifteen squares per llama. It prefers a large amount of gray stone and a small amount of dirt, snow and fresh water. All it requires for shelter is a stable. They will jump low fences, so their exhibit is advised to have a high fence. They are compatible with the Ibex and prefer to have 4-20 animals in the exhibit with themselves. Overall, they have an average manageability.

Their expected lifespan is twenty four and the interval which they have between reproduction times is five months, while i it takes three months for them to grow into a young adult. This means there is about four chances in their life that they will have to reproduce, and as they only have one offspring at a time this likely means they will only produce five llama babies while they are alive (although it should be noted they may possibly live past their expected lifespan, and possibly produce more children.) They have a high reproduction chance, so they may reproduce speedily during each period in which they can.