The first User-made Scenario Pack. The release date is yet to be revealed, though it should be expected to arrive this decade.

Scenario System Requirements

It is reccommended that the player owns Zoo Tycoon 2: Utimate Collection for this pack. Most of the items and scenarios requires the complete collection.

Thylacine F-1-

Thylacine Trouble - The last pair of this species has been found. Can you save the last pair of Thylacines? (Easy.)

Wolf Rescue - An offending business has begun a new kind of fighting a wolf vs. wolf dog fighting ring. A pair of gray wolves has been rescued. Will you be able to save these animals?(Normal.)

Warrah-ning!- A group of wild warrahs has been found. They hate people and need to survive living in captivity. Can you tame the wild beasts?(Normal.)

Killer Mutts-A contagious diease caused by Killer Penguin bites has spread throughout the zoo. Now,this zoo needs help curing what they call,"Killer Penguin Fever". Can you save the dog population while keeping a killer penguin from spreading the diease?(Hard.)
Zoo tycoon 2 adult killer penguin

Killer Penguins can spread the fever,even if kept away from all zoo animals and guests. Photo from Scenario Killer Mutts.

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