Low risk
Low Risk is one of five conservation statuses in the Zoo Tycoon 2 series. It is the most common Conservation Status. Animals classified as low risk have are of the least concern when it comes to conservation. Although these animals have no risk of becoming extinct, precautions should be taken so they do not become classified as vulnerable.


Animal Biome Expansion
Aardvark Scrub African Adventure
African Buffalo Wetlands African Adventure
American Bison Grassland Endangered Species
Black Leopard Tropical Rainforest Downloadable Content
Blacktip Reef Shark Reef Marine Mania
Blue Marlin Pelagic Marine Mania
Bongo Tropical Rainforest African Adventure
California Sea Lion Coastal Marine Mania
Caracal Scrub African Adventure
Common Peafowl Temperate Forest Zoo Tycoon 2
Common Zebra Savannah Zoo Tycoon 2
Dromedary Camel Desert Zoo Tycoon 2
Emperor Penguin Tundra Zoo Tycoon 2
False Killer Whale Coastal Marine Mania
Fennec Fox Desert Endangered Species
Gelada Alpine African Adventure
Gemsbok Scrub Zoo Tycoon 2
Gerenuk Scrub African Adventure
Goblin Shark Benthic Marine Mania
Gray Wolf Boreal Forest Endangered Species
Greater Flamingo Wetlands Zoo Tycoon 2
Jaguar Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon 2
Koala Temperate Forest Endangered Species
Manta Ray Reef Marine Mania
Masai Giraffe Savannah African Adventure
Meerkat Scrub African Adventure
Moose Boreal Forest Zoo Tycoon 2
Musk Ox Tundra Downloadable Content
Nile Crocodile Wetlands Zoo Tycoon 2
Nile Monitor Wetlands African Adventure
Okapi Tropical Rainforest Zoo Tycoon 2
Orca Tundra Marine Mania
Ostrich Savannah Zoo Tycoon 2
Polar Bear Tundra Zoo Tycoon 2
Ratel Grassland African Adventure
Red Kangaroo Scrub Zoo Tycoon 2
Reticulated Giraffe Savannah Zoo Tycoon 2
Scalloped Hammerhead Pelagic Marine Mania
Secretary Bird Grassland African Adventure
Short-Finned Pilot Whale Pelagic Marine Mania
Striped Hyena Desert African Adventure
Thomson's Gazelle Savannah Zoo Tycoon 2
Warthog Savannah African Adventure
White Rhinoceros Scrub African Adventure
Wildebeest Savannah African Adventure

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