MEGA Zoo Tycoon 2 (MZT2 or MEGAZT2) is a French Zoo Tycoon 2 fansite created in 2012. Its goal is to offer a variety of the more popular Zoo Tycoon 2 fanmade content, such as the two Artifex packs, as well as the original, leaked version of Cretaceous Calamity.


The site was created in 2012 by a French fan. The site offered several of the more popular UXPs from across the internet, some of which were fairly hard to find at the time (such as the "Jurassic Park Pack" and "Zoo Tycoon 2: Arabian Nights").

In 2013, MEGA Designs was created with the ambition to propose its own packs and extensions, but the project was finally abandoned; as was the rest of MEGAZT2.

In 2014, MZT2 was reopened. MEGA Designs was eventually removed from the site.

In 2016, the site was fully taken over again. The design radically changed, all downloads links was updated, and a new part for Zoo Tycoon (The first) was released in celebration for the game's 15 years.

In first quarter of 2017 MEGAZT get a new Style. Also, some download links are updating.


This is a list of most of the downloads hosted on the website:

Expansion Packs

Premium Packs

Hacks & patches


  • All official downloads of Zoo Tycoon (the first)

External links

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