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Earlier this year, I mentioned a lot of stress within my life. That still hasn't ended, really --- in fact, I would say it may have increased, unfortunately. That, combined with the purchase of many new games, has kept me very distracted. From what I see, lucky enough, many members have been helpful in keeping the Wikia updated. Noting the fact that many YouTube channels used to (and some still do) upload Zoo Tycoon-related videos, I have considered to expand upon affiliation. What do I mean? If you own a YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media, you may apply to be an affiliate of the Zoo Tycoon wikia. This means that, if you add a link to the Zoo Tycoon wikia on your YouTube channel/Facebook page/etc. you will be added to the 'affiliates' section. This may, in turn, boost page views. Being an affiliate also allows for the creation of your own page, being listed on the affiliates page, and having a chance at your page/videos/etc. noted at the top of the page for a certain duration of time. (A simple link to the Wikia will earn one week of spotlight time. An image wards three weeks. Videos, gifs, etc. earn three months, and an achievement of your choice named after you, with the image of your choice (although this privilege cannot be abused.) In addition, I have a new challenge for all on-site users: Reach one thousand edits (without having unnecessary/spam-esque edits) and you will earn an achievement, named after you, with the image of your choice. This is an alternative to becoming an affiliate. Reach five thousand edits and get a master-level achievement named after you, with an image of your choice, and get to choose a new theme for the Wikia, as well as obtain Moderator status. Reach ten thousand edits and earn official affiliate status, as well as administrator and a comprehensive tab under "affiliates" at the top of the Wikia.

What's new on Zoopedia

  • Updated some articles and expanded upon affiliation.
  • Removed latest news update to make way for a new one.
  • Box template updated. When adding template to page, a bar (this symbol: |) can be placed next to {{box to specify which infobox should be placed on the article.
  • Stub template updated. When adding template to page, a bar (this symbol: |) can be placed next to {{stub to add additional information. This is useful to specify which parts of the article should be expanded, and should be used frequently when adding stub notices to pages.
  • Candidate for Deletion template updated. When adding template to page, a bar (this symbol: |) can be placed next to {{delete to add a reason for the suggestion that the page should be deleted. This will be the preferred method of adding deletion notices from this point forward.

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