Carcharodon megalodon (usually simply referred to as Megalodon) is the largest known of all the predatory sharks. It had a streamlined, muscular body and looked like a gigantic version of the much-feared great white shark. Weighing around 48 tons, it spent much of its time feeding.

Exceeding 53 feet, it was larger than the largest living shark the Whale Shark, up to 46 feet (14 meters). This enormous shark had a mouth that extended over 6.5 feet (2 meters) and could be able to crush bones. Megalodon could fit an entire family of six in its mouth, and has jaws powerful enough to bite a truck in half. And also from the massive jaws are the fresh teeth which carbon dates suggests that from the late Oligocene to the early Pleistocene, though some highly questionable reports suggest that the animal continues to live to this day.

In Zoo Tycoon 2

The Megalodon, due to its popularity, is a common target for adding to the game via modding. Its most famous appearance is as an animal in the long-cancelled Miocene Madness pack.

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