Mexican Marvels is a user-made premium pack that contains 12 animals and few foliage that is being made by Super Designers United and it is released on SDU site.

Press release

12 new animals and new foilage will bring the premium pack Mexican Marvels, the first SDU work. Animals from all the mexican landscapes, from the precious Guadalupe fur Seal to the slow Bolson Tortoise, without forgeting the endangered Mexican wolf.


Animal Biome Status Expansion required Picture
Silver bear Temperate forest Critically endangered Endangered Species
Cacomistle Temperate forest Low risk none
Golden eagle Alpine Endangered African Adventure
Guadalupe fur seal Coastal Vulnerable Marine Mania 2
Guatemalan jaguarundi Tropical rainforest Vulnerable none
Collared peccary Desert Low risk African Adventure
Pygmy spotted skunk Desert Low risk Endangered Species
Teporingo Temperate forest Vulnerable none
Bolson tortoise Desert Vulnerable African Adventure
Ocelatted turkey Tropical rainorest Low risk none
Vaquita Coastal Critically endangered Marine Mania 2
Mexican wolf Temperate forest Critically endangered Endangered Species

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