A mini exhibit is a new addition to the Zoo Tycoon franchise. This kind of exhibit is used to house small animals such as meerkats and lemurs. Animals in this kind of exhibit do not breed, eat or drink. In fact they act the same all the time, it is one animation played on loop. Animals in mini exhibits are not dropped by helicopter, they are spawned by a source of light. However small animals can level up to level 15 which will make them able to be released into the wild. Once again, they will despawn by a source of light, not the helicopter. Each mini exhibit features a feeding station, however it is not known what kind of food is in this station, because every animal just has a 'feeding station' and it would be doubtfull to think a lemur eats the same as a flamingo. 

Currently there are only two biomes with a mini exhibit, those are the Tropical rainforest biome and the Savannah biome.

Savannah Rock 

The Savannah rock mini exhibit is the only mini exhibit which doesn't feature the tropical rainforest. A Savannah Rock exhibit can house up to three meerkats, four mongeese, or 2 fossas. The savannah rock exhibit is based on rock formations found on the African savannah and the grasslands of Asia.

Animals which can be housed in this exhibit:

  • Meerkat
  • White tailed mongoose
  • Banded mongoose
  • Fossa

Tropical Lawn

The Tropical Lawn mini exhibit is based on the tropical lawns of south east Asia and the South Pacific. It can house up to two peafowls or two Galapagos tortoises. 

Animals which can be housed in this exhibit:

  • - Green peafowl
  • - Galapagos tortoise

Tropical pool

This exhibit is based on the tropical pools of Asia and South America. It can house up to two binturongs, two red pandas or three flamingos. However the red panda and the binturong act the same, as in the same animations. 

Animals which can be housed in this exhibit:

  • - Binturong
  • - Lesser flamingo
  • - American flamgino (Xbox One exclusive)

Tropical rock

This exhibit is besed on tropical jungle rock formations found in Africa and Asia. This exhibit can house up to three lemurs, two monitor lizards or two iguanas.

Animals which can be housed in this exhibit:

  • - Perentie lizard (Xbox One exclusive)
  • - Red lemur
  • - Ruffed lemur
  • - Red ruffed lemur (Xbox One exclusive)
  • - Lesser Antillean Iguana

Tropical tree

This exhibit is based on trees found in tropical jungles around the world. It can house up to four capuchin monkeys, three macaws, three sloths or three snakes.

Animals which can be housed in this exhibit:

  • - Tufted capuchin
  • - Black capuchin
  • - Golden-bellied capuchin
  • - Blue and yellow macaw
  • - Great green macaw
  • - Hyacinth macaw
  • - Brown-troated three toed sloth
  • - Pale-troated three toed sloth 
  • - Boa Constrictor
  • - Yellow anaconda
  • - Reticulated python

Animals kept in mini exhibits

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