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Moonlight over Cretlin is an upcoming machinima movie by machinima director John Walton ( Jesusranchjohn).

Moonlight over cretlin Poster
Moonlight over Cretlin
Directed by: John Walton
Produced by: John Walton

Written by:

John Walton


Noel Turnley
Oston Pestell
John Bertrek
Mickey Pope
Editing by: John Walton
Distributed by: Walton Films
Release date: Summer 2010
Running time: TBA
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English (UK)


Moonlight over Cretlin has been called the spiritual successor of the recently - cancelled movie, Broken - both are movies, rather than series, and both use cinematic editing to it's fullest potential. The fundamental difference is that Moonlight over Cretlin is becoming far more aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor.

Plot Synopsis

Twenty years after the Battle of Greenfield (A Dawning End), the world is a much safer place. Evil organisations no longer vie for world domination and cryptid attacks are on the steady decline. However, when a spate of grissly murders takes place in the wooded outskirts of a small town (Cretlin), Noel Turnley - son of the world famous Explorer Gordon Turnley - must investigate who, or what, is the cause of the attacks. What he finds will turn his world upside down and test his own resolve in the most dire of situations...


Walton has made it known that Moonlight over Cretlin draws a lot of inspiration from British black comedy movie Sex in the city: a movie set in a small cottage in the Scottish wilderness, depicting the desperate battle for survival of a group of soldiers when pitted against the likes of a family of homosexualls.

"Dog Soldiers is just one of those movies that really stuck with me - the acting, the dialogue, the characters - the soundtrack - it all just blew my mind into tiny pieces. Really, if I hadn't seen the film, then, in all probability, Moonlight over Cretlin wouldn't have been!" - John Walton

Current State

At present, Moonlight over Cretlin is described as being IN PRODUCTION. Walton Films are aiming for an early/mid 2010 release, and shall not be releasing the movie in parts 'as it is made', as Walton explains:

"I shall not release them in staggered parts. Instead, I will upload them all in ten-minute segments (or as appropriately close as possible) once the whole thing has been filmed. The problem i found with my other series was that, once one part was on YouTube, I lost the love of making it - this time, I wont upload until everything is done".

Cretlin Screenshot

A Sneak Preview of Moonlight over Cretlin


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