The moose is the largest member of the deer family. Moose translates into 'Twig Eater' which suites it since it eats twigs, branches and aquatic plants. Moose move easily through the water and are powerful swimmers. The moose large ears act like radar, which helps the moose hear dangers like wolves.

The age of a moose can be determined by examining the root portion of the middle incisor teeth, which show a pattern of rings like on a tree.

The flap of skin under the moose throat is called a bell. It is unknown why the moose has it, though many theories exist but have never been proven. In both games the moose lacks a bell. In the first game it was due to imitations at the time but it is unknown why the moose in the second game doesn't have one.

In Zoo Tycoon

The Moose is one of the original animals from the first Zoo Tycoon. It is a Deciduous forest animal and also likes a bit of Coniferous forest floor, dirt, fresh water, and grass. The Moose likes a lot of trees in their exhibit. Their favorite tree is the Weeping Willow but they also like grass land, coniferous, and other deciduous foliage and a few rocks.

In Zoo Tycoon 2

The moose prefers the boreal forest biome, but it also likes temperate forest, tundra, wetlands and grassland biomes. They only eat branches. Placing large trees in their exhibit is the only means of satisfying their privacy need; they are incompatible with normal shelters.

Moose live alone, but putting them in a pair is recommended. They often have 2 calves at a time, though sometimes they can give birth to only one, and vary rarely 3.

The dark, male moose variant skin is actually an easter egg to the first game.