The Mothman is a mysterious flying creature of supposedly unknown origin that terrorized Point Pleasant, WV from 1966 to 1967. It is also speculated it is returning to haunt America once more. It appears in Zoo Tycoon 2: Unidentified. It was suppose to appear Zoo Tycoon 2: Paranoia! part 2; Hysteria, but it never made the cut.


The Mothman is roughly 6-7 feet tall, will black-brown-gray fur/feathers. The most terryfing part about the beast is that its eyes glow a ghostly red at night. It is known to fly at speeds up to 100 mph.

Other Information

Mothman Zoopedia Info
Name Mothman
Area West Virginia, USA?
Food ???
Enrichment ???
Biome Temperate Forest
Tree ???
Plant ???
Rock ???
Tank Walls None
Fence ???

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