The Mountain Gorilla, Gorilla beringei beringei, is a large primate native to central Africa.

At the time of release of Zoo Tycoon 2, there used to be one species of gorilla, with the mountain gorilla considered a subspecies. As of 2013, the species was split into two separate species names: the western gorilla, Gorilla gorilla, and the eastern gorilla, Gorilla beringei. The mountain gorilla is currently considered a subspecies of the eastern gorilla, with a corrected scientific name of Gorilla beringei beringei.

Zoo Tycoon 2


The mountain gorilla lives in the tropical rainforest biome. They cannot swim and do not prefer water in their exhibits. They are unable to climb trees.


Despite having large incisors, gorillas are herbivores that feed on bananas and branches.


The mountain gorilla is a very intelligent species that likes to be stimulated with pursuit balls, easels, and tire swings.


The mountain gorilla will use rock shelters and shade structures.


Mountain gorillas are very social animals that live in large family groups. A gorilla troop is led by an alpha male known as the Silverback. Females give birth to one baby at a time, and all females in the troop will nurture the offspring.



Mountain Gorilla

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