This American Mustang is an Aurora Designs creation .The Mustang is a wild, free-roaming horse native to the North American west. Mustangs can be downloaded from Aurora Designs for Zoo Tycoon 2. They comes in many different variant colors like gray, black, white, bay, and brown and can be ridden.


Mustangs are a North American mammalian animal that do not take much effort to be looked after. They require little space at all, and do not have much in the way of social needs. Their diet consists of hay, and keeping more than one in a pen with multiple of them may be appropriate. They will often be content if there are only two or three of them in the exhibit. A small grassland exhibit will generally keep them happy.

While items like glaciers, tar pits, and other things are available, Mustangs are often happy without these, another thing contributing to the general easiness and cheapness of taking care of them. However, they themselves are not very cheap compared to other animals, at $10,000.

Mustangs may groom each other, and wait for another one of them to do just that, although the user is still allowed to groom them.



  • While the player is riding a Mustang, it may still rest in a stable.

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