The Mysterious Panda Campaign is a campaign in Zoo Tycoon 2. This campaign focuses on the giant panda. After completion, the campaign unlocks the Gilded Panda Statue, which is considered by the game as a good decoration.


Mysterious Panda

In the scenario, players must create a 5-star zoo to unlock the giant panda for adoption. Players have to obtain an adult male giant panda, where they then will receive a female panda for breeding. To complete the campaign and scenario, the pandas must be bred.


  • Increasing your zoo fame to 5 stars tends to be a hard job, especially in a Campaign or Challenge Mode. The limited space also limits you from buying too much animals. However, keeping animals and guests happy is also helpful for increasing your fame, and obtaining more species of animals and keeping them happy may also help.


  • This is the first campaign in the series which objective is to obtain a 5-star animal or create a 5-star zoo.
  • This campaign is also the only unlockable campaign in the entire Zoo Tycoon 2 series so far.

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