Like many other simulation games,the Zoo Tycoon has had plenty of myths and other stories made up by players about secret unlockable features and stuff.Most of these have been proven to be fake.

Myths in Zoo Tycoon 1


A well-know myth, it claims that players are able to unlock a dragon by changing an exhibit's name to "Mystery Island." It was ultimately revealed that the cheat is fake and there are no mythical dragons in the game, although several user-made ones for both games exist.


Another popular myth in the fan base, it claimed that you could get a dodo by building an exhibit and naming it "Doflopnok." While the cheat itself does not work,proving the rumor to be untrue, it should be noted that there was indeed going to be a dodo in the final version of the first ZT, but was ultimately scrapped.There are many user-made dodos for the first game however.

Myths in Zoo Tycoon 2


Main article:Ghosts

A highly persistent myth in the fan base, several players have said that the animals which have died will return to your zoo in the form of ghosts and walk through it a while before disappearing. These are usually the result of glitches and many searches through the game's files have revealed nothing about ghosts and spirits. Blue Fang has officially said there are no ghosts in the game, yet reports of them still continue. Due to this, the myth's status is most likely undetermined.

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