The New Caledonian giant gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus) is an user-made animal in Zoo Tycoon 2 included in the user-made expansion pack Reptilia by ZTABC Team. Like most other scaled reptiles in the pack, it is made using the animations and coding of the Komodo dragon and Nile monitor, thus the expansions Endangered Species and African Adventure are required for the gecko to work properly. It behaves similarly to the two lizards, although it tends to be much less aggressive.

In the game, the New Caledonian giant gecko feeds on insects and is capable of using the dropping water included in the pack. It enjoys using the heat lamp, heated rock, and reptile pool to rest, like most other lizards in the pack, and prefers the temperate forest as its primary biome.


The New Caledonian giant gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus), also known as the Leachie gecko, is a large lizard endemic to the island of New Caledonia in South Pacific Ocean. It is considered to be the world's largest extant gecko and an example of island gigantism. The gecko grows up to a metre and half long. Its skin appears to be very loose for the gecko and its tail is stumpy.

Inhabiting the forests of New Caledonia, the gecko often creates noisy vocalizations at night. Females lays up to two eggs at time. It mainly feeds on insects and fruit, but sometimes may also feed on larger food such as small mice.


  • Compared to the real-life New Caledonian giant gecko, the in-game gecko prefers a temperate biome rather than a subtropical biome.
  • The skin of the in-game gecko also looks not as loose as its real-life counterpart.
  • Together with the giant leaf-tailed gecko, the New Caledonian giant gecko is one of the two geckos included in the pack.

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