The Nile Crocodile, Crocodylus niloticus, is the second largest species of reptile. It is the largest predatory animal in Africa, with males weighing in at 1100 pounds, and females weighing in at 500 pounds. These large reptiles live in almost every wet or moist terrain throughout the continent. Very aggressive, large individuals are known to scare and even attack full grown lions. It is considered the most dangerous of the crocodile species, as it is known to be an active man-eater.

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The Nile crocodile is an aquatic reptile that lives in the wetlands biome. It enjoys lots of water in its exhibit.


The Nile crocodile is a carnivore that feeds on meat and fish.


The Nile crocodile enjoys playing with the beef shank.


The Nile crocodile does not use a shelter. The privacy need is met by deep water.


The Nile crocodile lays one egg at a time. They are more solitary animals. It is possible for them to share exhibits with flamingos and hippos, but the crocodiles may prey on the young animals.


How to care for crocodiles

How to care for crocodiles

Here is a video that shows how to care for Nile Crocodiles.