Paleontologist Fossil Hunting

A Paleontologist fossil hunting.

Paleontologist Fossil Digging

A Paleontologist at a fossil site.

Paleontologist Educating

A Paleontologist educating.

The Paleontologist is a staff member that comes with the Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals expansion pack. Like the Zookeeper, the Paleontologist helps you with jobs you can do yourself. In this case, they help you with finding fossils. Like any staff member, the Paleontologist's salary is deducted from your zoo account every month. Their salary is $500. Another thing Paleontologists will do is talk about fossils at the Extinct Education Center, sort of like what Educators do at Educator Podiums. One interesting thing about Paleontologists is that their fossil finding devices are fully upgraded from the start, whereas the player's fossil finding device upgrades with a certain amount of zoo fame.

One thing that makes Paleontologists different from other staff members is that they appear to be older. There is no apparent reason why Paleontologists are like this.

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