The panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is an user-made animal in Zoo Tycoon 2 introduced in the user-made expansion pack Reptilia by ZTABC Team. It is made using the coding and animations of the Komodo dragon and the Nile monitor with some modifications, as in other lizards included in the pack. As a result, they behave similarly to these lizards, although they are much less aggressive.

In the game, the panther chameleon feeds on insects and also uses the dropping water and flies included in the pack. Like the Jackson's chameleon, its tongue can be seen when eating food. It also prefers tropical rainforest as its primary biome and likes to rest using the heat lamp, heated rock, reptile pool, or a special enrichment included in the pack for the chameleons.


The panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is a species of chameleon endemic to the northern areas of the island of Madagascar off the coasts of south-eastern Africa in the western Indian Ocean. One of the several species of chameleon endemic to the island, the panther chameleon is also one of the most distinctive. It is a medium-sized reptile which size is large enough for a chameleon. Males tends to have more vibrant colors than females. Its eyes can also move in an unusual way.

The panther chameleon is a territorial reptile that is intolerant of intruders, mostly of the same species, in its territory. Females often lays eggs that hatches after 240 days, and they are capable of changing their colors to dark when carrying eggs to signify males that they have no intention to mate. The panther chameleon sometimes is also kept in captivity and tends to be not very easy to keep.


  • Together with the Jackson's chameleon, the panther chameleon is one of the two species of chameleon made by ZTABC Team for the Reptilia expansion pack.
  • The color-changing ability of the panther chameleon in real life is replaced by colorful variant skins in the game. One of them appears to be blue, which is also found in real-life panther chameleons.

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