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Past Meets Present (PMP) is a 2011-2013 science fiction docu-drama  made by Davidy12 following the adventures of John R. Gordon, Rick Jacobsen, Mark Smith, Max Simmons, and Amy Kims. Inspired by Braq's CTF and Prehistoric Park

Episode 1 premiered in 2011 on Tesara and Zoo Tycoon Volcano but It stopped due to the fact that Davidy12's hard drive was wiped, but it resumed in Summer 2012. It was originally intended to re-premiere in December but was canceled due to another hard drive problem and not enough animals to use in the story. 

Season 1 can be viewed on Gaia [Page 1 ] their will be a second season, and a miniseries over the summer with 6 episodes in the next season. For now it's a work in WIP he's announced on January 7th that he's taking a break from PMP. In 2013 Davidy12 decided he'd cancel PMP to focus on converting it into a book that he's currently writting.


John R. Gordon: Adventurer, Zoologist, Paleontologist, and Park Manager he's also a Yale and Montana University Scholar, His job is to bring back and collect the extinct animals and makes decisions of the park.

Rick Jacobsen: Head Park Keeper and Second in Command, He takes care of the animals and builds the enclosures. He usually acts like he doesn't like the animals he brings back but in truth he loves his job and cares extremely deeply about the animals.

Amy Kims: Head Veternarian of the park, she takes care animals and is in charge of all the medical duties that involve the animals.

Mark Smith: John's best friend from college. He is one of John's best friends, he sometimes goes on adventures with John and usually is a park tour guide for people who come to study animals for the park.

Max Simmons: Another one of John's Friends: He was the head keeper of San Deigo Zoo but usually the Tour Guide of the Zoo and didn't like it that much. When he found out what John was doing he begged for a Job there. He is one of the Head Keepers if Rick isn't reachable. He's also a tourguide of the park but likes it much better then San Deigo for obvious reasons.

Episodes: (Will be added as time goes on)

* = Captured

Episode 1: Land of the Giant Birds - 1200 A.D. New Zealand


Giant Moas

In the Ocala Forest in Florida John and Mark heads back to New Zealand to rescue 3 bird species in and everything seems to be going good. For Now.
  • Moas*
  • Haast Eagle*
  • Kakapo
  • Kiwi
  • Laughing Owl*

Episode 2: China Giants - 160,000,000 Years Ago China


Tuoijangosaurus and John

This time John Travels to the scrubland of prehistoric China to get some of the Least known Dinosaurs ever found and Rick isn't happy with the sauropods John brings back. (Only part 1 premiered) Bold are ones that weren't featured, but planned.
  • Yangchuanosaurus*
  • Mamenchisaurus*
  • Monolophosaurus*
  • Tuoijangosaurus*
  • Omeiosaurus
  • Yinlong

Episode 1 ( sort of a new season): T-rex Returns -  66,000,000 Years ago Montana

Zt 2012-03-30 13-26-16-48

Jamie,Leslie,Rex, and Emily the T-rex

John and his team open a new open a new park in Papua New Guinea and his first animal that he and his friend from college Max, rescue is the most famous carnivorous dinosaur and they disprove some theories John in the Scientific community about dinosaurs. In the park Rick is dealing with the many births, large dinos, and the wrecked holding pens in the park.
  • Tyrannosaurus*
  • Triceratops*
  • Torosaurus*
  • Dracorex*
  • Dromaeosaurus*
  • Pachycephalosaurus*
  • Ornithomimus*
  • Edmontosaurus*
  • Ankylosaurus*

Episode 2: Jurassic Giants - 150,000,000 Years ago Colorado

After a 6 month break, John goes back to rescue some of the most famous dinosaurs from the Jurassic the scientific community, universities, and news stations reach the park Rick finally deals with the Mamenchisaurus escaping problem.

  • Stegosaurus*
  • Allosaurus*
  • Diplodocus*
  • Apatosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus*
  • Ceratosaurus*
  • Camptosaurus*
  • Amphicoelias
  • Othnelia*

Episode 3: Saving the Megafauna - 15,000,000 and 1,000,000 years ago Argentina, 1400 A.D. Mauritus, 1926 A.D. Vietnam, 1931 A.D. Louisiana, 26,000 years ago, and 12,000 years ago Denver

(6 part episode)

Zt 2012-11-12 16-16-35-72


Zt 2012-11-21 14-28-51-46

Ruby,Jade, and Jasper Short Faced Bears

John, joined by Sabba Hamilton, Nigel Marvin, and Simon King go back to rescue some of the most famous Megafauna of the Americas the most species ever rescued, but unexpectedly end up with 3 other animals due to a portal problem.
  • Ancient Bison*
  • Giant Bison*
  • Smilodon*
  • American Lion*
  • Short-Faced Bear*
  • Vietnamese Rhino*
  • American Bison
  • Dire Wolf*
  • Pronghorn*
  • Argentavis*
  • Dodo*
  • Ivory Billed Woodpecker*
  • Glyptodon*
  • Thylacosmilus
  • Trigodon
  • Macrauchenia

  • Elk*
  • Columbian Mammoth*
  • Kelenken*

Episode 4: Supercroc 75,000,000 Years ago Oklahoma

Zt 2012-11-19 16-24-46-87

Deinosuchus paddock

John goes back to rescue his favorite dinosaur, a hadrosaur with a wierd crest, and the largest Alligator that lived in the Mesozoic. More babies are born in the park this month then any other time in the park.
  • Albertosaurus*
  • Stegoceras*
  • Parasaurolophus*
  • Deinosuchus*
  • Xenoceratops*

Episode 5: Feathers and Giants 121,000,000 Years ago China

Zt 2013-03-02 11-03-50-85

John and Max by a herd of Chinese Dinosaurs

John and Mark Head back to rescue a four winged Dinosaur and the feathered Tyrant, but end up with a whole herd of giants. And back at the park, Rick will move some endangered animals in one of the Jurassic predators paddocks and a breakout results in a clash between the Triceratops and the Albertosaurs.








Season 2 and Miniseries

Davidy12 has stated that their will be a season 2 but it's currently a work in progress. The same goes for the Miniseries.

Special Effects

The visual effects of the story are done by taking pictures in game as a template for pictures, getting the animals Nif in Nifskope and posing it, and then edited in Photoshop to include dynamic shots to better tell a story. The same technique that other people do the most famous work being Braq's stories. Davidy12 also made edited image sections on various sites where people can post edited pics the most recent is on Gaia.

Park Roster of animals (will be updated as time goes on)

1 male, 1 female Argentavis

3 male, 5 female Short Faced Bears

9 male, 6 female Smilodons

2 male 8 female caudipteryx

1 male, 2 female Brachiosaurus

2 female Mamenchisaurus

1 male 3 female Dilong

4 female 4 male Microraptors

2 male 2 female Yutyrannus

3 female 4 male Borealosaurus

2 male 2 female Psittacosaurus

2 female 2 male Beipiaosaurus

2 female Diplodocus

2 male, 3 female Dromaeosaurus

8 male, 7 female Ivory Billed woodpeckers

10 male, 19 female Ornithomimus

2 male, 2 female Yangchuangosaurus

4 male, 3 female T. rex

2 male, 2 female Monolophosaurus

1 male, 5 female Dire Wolves

9 male, 6 female Columbian Mammoth

3 male, 3 female Vietnamese Rhino

3 male, 6 female American Lions

3 male, 4 female Dodo birds

1 male, 3 female Deinosuchus

12 male, 15 female Laughing owls

9 male, 8 female Giant Moa

14 male, 12 female Haast's eagles

4 male, 4 female Parasaurolophus

1 male Xenoceratops

3 male, 3 female Glyptodon

3 male, 3 female Elk

4 male, 5 female Pronghorn

6 male, 5 female Giant Bison

7 male, 6 female Hagerman Horses

8 male, 6 female Ancient Bison

1 male, 1 female Ankylosaurus

3 male, 3 female Triceratops

1 male, 1 female Torosaurus

2 male, 3 female Stegosaurus

1 male, 2 female Albertosaurus

3 male, 6 female Stegoceras

1 male, 1 female Kelenken

2 male, 4 female Tuoijangosaurus

2 male, 2 female Camptosaurus

5 male, 5 female Othnelia

2 male, 2 female Pachycephalosaurus

2 male, 2 female Dracorex

Real World References


  • Bronx Zoo
  • San Diego zoo
  • Yale
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Ocala Forest
  • Smithsonian
  • Cambrige
  • UCLA
  • North Western
  • George Page
  • Harvard
  • New York Natural History Museum
  • London Museum


  • Jack Horner
  • Sabba Hamilton
  • Nigel Marvin
  • Robert Bakker
  • Simon King
  • Dong Zhiming
  • Ken Carpenter
  • Phill Manning

Animal's Names

  • The 2 alpha T. rex, Jamie and Emily are named after davidy12's cousins.
  • The Short Faced Bear family is named after various stones and Jade is named after davidy12's friend.
  • The Short Faced Bear couple, Jessica and Jack is named after davidy12's friends.


Past Meets Present was met with both positive and negative reactions. It was praised for being a long running S&T, as most narrative stories do not last more than a few months, however it was heavily criticised for directly copying storylines, settings and characters from both Prehistoric Park and Creatures Time Forgot. It was often viewed as unoriginal as whole pieces of dialogue were ripped from the show, and often whole episodes were near identical. Despite this, Davidy12 insists it is very original.

It was also criticised for the graphics, as quite often the angles, colours and shadows were rendered badly or not accurately enough.

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