The pelagic sea snake (Pelamis platurus) is an user-made animal in Zoo Tycoon 2 that is included in the user-made expansion pack Reptilia by ZTABC Team. Unlike most other animals of the order Squamata (lizards and snakes) in the pack, it is created with the coding and animations of the blacktip reef shark rather than the reptiles already available in the game, thus allowing it to swim in the sea like a fish, so the expansion Marine Mania is required. It tends to be aggressive like the in-game sharks.

In the game, the pelagic sea snake swims by moving its tail side-to-side like a shark. Its appearance is similar to its real life counterpart, being black on the top with yellow in the bottom. It also feeds on fish and uses a few enrichment items. As its name suggests, the pelagic sea snake prefers the pelagic biome, although it also tolerates other marine biomes to a degree.


The pelagic sea snake or yellow-bellied sea snake (Pelamis platura) is a species of marine reptile in the cobra family that is native to the oceans worldwide, except for Atlantic Ocean. A medium-sized sea snake, the pelagic sea snake often appears to be black on the top with yellow on the bottom, although some color morphs may appear yellow. Like other sea snakes, it has a paddle-like tail that helps it when swimming and moves on land slower than in water.

The pelagic sea snake is entirely pelagic, spending most of its life in the open ocean and seldom comes to coastal areas. It is one of the world's most venomous snakes, although there is an anti-venom to prevent the fatal effects of its venom, which could result in death. It is ovoviviparous and lays eggs in warmer waters of its range.


  • The in-game pelagic sea snake is also the only animal in the Reptilia pack that uses the animations of a non-reptilian animal.
  • The pelagic sea snake is often used by later designers as a base for creating their own sea snakes or animals that resemble sea snakes.
  • Unlike its real-life counterpart, the pelagic sea snake doesn't come with a yellow form and also unable to move on land properly.

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