Plateosaurus is an adoptable dinosaur available in Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs and Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection. It was released by Blue Fang for Zoo Tycoon as a bonus download.

Before Plateosaurus, or "flat lizard," appeared on our planet 220 million years ago, herbivorous dinosaurs were ground-hugging creatures limited to eating low-growing plants. Plateosaurus changed all that. With a long neck, long tail and powerful hind legs to balance a stout body, Plateosaurus can rear up to reach abundant foliage high off the ground. Evolving in this manner effectively multiplied Plateosaurus' food supply, and helped allow its later relatives to grow to tremendous sizes. At a length of 27 feet, Plateosaurus always walks on four legs, but when standing on its hind legs to feed can reach heights of over 14 feet. Their small sharp leaf-shaped teeth and curved claws are great for ripping foliage off plants or scratching out low-lying vegetation, but are of little use in a fight. If a hungry predator should come around, a Plateosaurus' only real defense is safety in numbers and the hope that it can run a bit faster than the next herdmate over.

A Plateosaurus mod was created by DinosaurMan for Zoo Tycoon 2, and it looks similar to the Zoo Tycoon version.

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