The plumed basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons) is an animal in Zoo Tycoon 2 that was introduced in the user-made expansion pack Reptilia, which is created by the ZTABC Team. It is made out with the animations of the Komodo dragon and Nile monitor, thus the expansions Endangered Species and African Adventure are required. It behaves similarly to the monitor lizards, although it tends to be much less aggressive.

In the game, the plumed basilisk appears similar to the real counterpart. It feeds on insects and may also feed on flies, a food item introduced in the expansion pack. The basilisk also enjoys heat lamps and reptile pools for satisfaction. It also prefers tropical rainforest as its primary biome.


The plumed basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons), also known as the green basilisk, is a reptile in the family Corythophanidae (basilisks and allies) native to Central America. It can grow up to 1 meters long, although they more likely reaches a length of around 60 centimeters, with the tail being the longest part. The plumed basilisk displays sexual dimorphism, with males having a crest and sail on the back and tail.

When threatened, the plumed basilisk is capable of running on water surface at short distances. Other basilisks and the unrelated Malayan sailfin lizard are also capable of doing so. Females often lays up to 15 eggs at a time. Upon hatching, the babies needs little to no parental care at all.


  • The plumed basilisk is also used by some designers to redesign new basilisks, although they tends to be rarely released.
  • The plumed basilisk is the first animal from the basilisk family to have ever released in the entire Zoo Tycoon 2 series.
  • There is no sexual dimorphism in the in-game basilisk.
  • The basilisk's natural behavior of running over water surface is absent in the game, possibly due to certain modding limitations.

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