Pteranodon is a large winged reptile, created by Kangorilaphant, Incinerox and JVM. It is in the Coastal biome and is coded from the Secretary Bird so that it can fly. It is set to be released at Zoo Tycoon Hideout in 2010.

The earliest version of the Pteranodon was a part of Reptile Rage in 2008, and was a reskinned secretary bird with a meshed horn. It was later remeshed by a designer who has asked not to be credited, and recoded by Kangorilaphant for flight. Since then it has been in testing and bugfixing by JVM.

There is an easter egg that, after performing a spacebar operation on it, the 'press spacebar' sound will be heard again. When pressed the second time, the player will find him/herself on the pteranadon's back, riding it like one of the water-bound MM2 animals.

There is also a Pteranodon made by carlosdino, available at his site. Andrew12 and CougarTheShark are also making one, which will be released at Northern Skies and Zoo Tycoon Volcano.