Putting Raptorex in your zoo gives you 5 stars of fame. Raptorex was first discovered in 2009. Paleontologists say that it is related to Tyrannosaurus Rex.Raptorex is a primitive type of tyrannosaurid and much smaller than our Tyrannosaurus.Raptorex shows it was very small and was 9.8 feet long and that was at least how long a 5 year old Tarbosaurus was.There are some proportions that belong to other tyrannosaurs that Raptorex had such as a large head and solid constructed head.Since it was a tyrannosaur, it ate meat from reptiles and small birds and could have ate fish like a Baryonyx, plus it's little legs helped it get away from enemies too. It lived in Northeastern China in the rainforests.

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