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Resident Evil: The Variants Pack is a user made expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon 2. It was created by Bunyupy´s Proyects. Resident Evil features real life animals turning them into dead or undead animals, creepy themed buildings and scenery and green, red and blue herbs based on a very popular first person shooter video game with the same name.

Animal Variants

Official Animals

Animal Biome Status Star rating Expansion required Picture
Colmillos (Gray Wolf Variant) Boreal Forest Low Risk 1 Endangered Species
Del Lago (Nile Crocodile Variant) Wetlands Low Risk 1 1/2 Stars Zoo Tycoon 2
Eliminator (Female Gelada Variant) Alpine Lower Risk 3.5 African Adventures
Feral (Female Lion Variant) Savannah Vulnerable 2 1/2 Zoo Tycoon 2
Gnaw (Nile Crocodile Variant) Wetlands Lower Risk 1 1/2 Stars Zoo Tycoon 2
Hyena (Striped Hyena Variant) Desert Low Risk 4 African Adventures
Licker (Chimpanzee Variant) Tropical Rainforest Endangered 3 1/2 Zoo Tycoon 2
Lurker (Giant Bullfrog Variant) N/A N/A Minigame Extinct Animals
Neptune (Great White Shark Variant) Benthic Vulnerable 5 Marine Mania
Neptune copatibilidad Remake zoros image
Stalker (Male Lion Variant) Savannah Vulnerable 2 1/2 Zoo Tycoon 2
Titan (Male and Female African Elephant Variants) Savannah Endangered 4 Zoo Tycoon 2
Yawn (Giant Anaconda Variant) Wetlands Cryptid N/A Paranoia!

Zombie Animals

Animal Biome Status Star rating Expansion required Picture
Black Rhinoceros (Black Rhinoceros Variant) Savannah Critically Endangered 3 Zoo Tycoon 2
Zebra (Common Zebra Variant) Savannah Lower Risk 1 1/2 Zoo Tycoon 2
Gorilla (Mountain Gorilla Variant) Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4 Zoo Tycoon 2

Objects Pack

ReTop v 1.0

This pack contains multiple RE objects, including signs and placeabable ambient, and some objects made of concrete to match with a real zoo.

  • Restringed Area Sign
  • Biohazard Sign
  • Lurker
  • Park Bench (Made of concrete)
  • Gigant Moth
  • Bat
  • Gigant Bat
  • Park Bench
  • Racoon City Sign
  • Umbrella Sign

Objects Pack Part 2: Bow Statues


This pack contains the statues of the Feral, Yawn, Neptune and Titan.

Special 100 Dl Pack

  • Contains: 3 herbs of the game, a zombie and a crimsomhead.
  • Bugs: Zombies are named "Staff".

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