The Rhabdodon (meaning "fluted tooth") is an dinosaur from the Dinosaur Digs 2 expansion pack. It is considered to be poorly made. It is also not at all similar to modern views of the animal.


Rhabdodon is a genus of dinosaur that lived in Europe approximately 70 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous. It is a rhabdodont, making it one of the most basal iguanodonts. Rhabdodon priscus is the type species; another species, described in 1991, is R. septimanicus (Buffetaut & Le Loeuff, 1991), but these may be the same animal. Rhabdodon lived in Spain, France, and on Haţeg Island in Romania. Remains of a very similar dinosaur (femur and limb bone fragments) are also known from the Czech Republic. It was huge by rhabdodont standards, with Mochlodon and Zalmoxes, Rhabdodon' closest relatives, and two of the three other rhabdodonts, bieng around 1m; Rhabdodon is 6m. However, it is smaller then the largest Rhabdont, Muttaburasaurus.

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