Rhinoceroses are an ungulate that is featured in all three main Zoo Tycoon games. These herbivorous mammals are found in Africa and Asia.

Zoo Tycoon

Animal Main Terrain
Black Rhino Savannah
Javan Rhino Rainforest
Woolly Rhino Snow

Zoo Tycoon 2

Animal Biome Status Star Required
Black Rhinoceros Savannah Critically Endangered 3 Stars
Javan Rhinoceros Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangerd 3.5 Stars
White Rhinoceros Scrub Low Risk 2.5 Stars
Woolly Rhinoceros Tundra Extinct 3.5 Stars

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox)

Animal Preferred Habitat Status Fame Level Required
Southern White Rhinoceros Savannah 1
Indian Rhinoceros Grassland 5
South Central Black Rhinoceros Savannah 7
Eastern Black Rhinoceros Grassland 10
Northern White Rhinoceros Grassland Lower Risk 18
Javan Rhinoceros 25
Sumatran Rhinoceros
South Western Black Rhinoceros

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