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Zoo Tycoon 2
Varied lengths of Dry & Rainy Season
Grass & Trees
Serengeti, Llanos, Carpentaria Savanna, Cerrado, & Terai-Duar Savanna

Savannah is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.


These savannas are found within the tropics and feature a tree canopy that never closes. Due to the warmth and high rainfall of the tropics, woody plants tend to grow much faster than temperate grasslands. Therefore, grasses will be present with sparse distributions of shrubs and thorny trees. This variety of plant life has led to many different niches for a diversity of herbivores. Seasons in a tropical savanna have a dry season and a rainy season.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
African Elephant Endangered 4 Africa

Zoo Tycoon 2

Black Rhinoceros Critically Endangered 3 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Cheetah Vulnerable 2.5 Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Common Zebra Low Risk 1.5 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Lion Vulnerable 2.5 Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Ostrich Low Risk 2 Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Reticulated Giraffe Low Risk 2.5 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Thomson's Gazelle Low Risk 0.5 East Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
African Wild Dog Endangered 3.5 South Africa Endangered Species
Giant Sable Antelope Critically Endangered 2 Southern Africa Endangered Species
Masai Giraffe Low Risk 1 Africa African Adventure
Warthog Low Risk 3 Africa African Adventure
Wildebeest Low Risk 1.5 Africa African Adventure
Giant Warthog Extinct 3.5 Africa Extinct Animals
Sivatherium Extinct 1 Africa Extinct Animals
Quagga Extinct 1.5 Africa Extinct Animals
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