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Final maintenance
Final Maintenance
Parts: 3
Genre: Sci-fi


John Walton
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Gordon Turnley
Janice Smith (Brief appearence)

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Series I: Final Maintenance

Final Maintenance is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohnfor his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. Final Maintenance Follows fresh - from - training Explorer Gordon Turnleyas he quests to destroy threats to humanity. Under orders from the Explorer Union Base, Gordon travels to the GreenField Laboratory, investigating the deaths of two workers in an alleged tragic rockslide. However, things are not what they seem when it pans out that the workers were, in fact, the attacked by an unknown, rampant creature.

Set in Three parts, Final Maintenance introduces audiences to Gordon Turnley, his job, Janice Smith and the first monster in the Explorer Chronicles tale; the Glarfurnsnarg troll. Not his finest series, Final Maintenance is excused purely because it was the directors first attempt at machinima. Involving seemingly random zombie attacks (later used as a plotline in series two) Final Maintenance is still a popular machinima, which is easily surpassed by the rest of the directors work.


  • Until part two, no music was used during the series.
  • Part Two and Three only used the Jurassic Park theme as non diegetic sound.
  • It is not explained how gordon escaped the zombies back at the laboratory.
  • The wolves at the end were part of a discontinued storyline.
  • Janice, presented as a minor character for the series, returns in the fourth series and all later series as a much more important character, and certainly one who is key to the story of Gordon.
  • We do not learn Gordon's name in this series. This was to keep audiences happy by making them feel as though they were the explorer.                                                                                   


Final Maintenance was not popular at all or indeed even viewed much until the release of Jesusranchjohn's second series. Afterwards the director became more and more of a success, rivaling Stalker2K7 in the opinion of some. As such Final Maintenance was finally recognised as a work worthy of viewing.

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