Search for the last unicorn
Parts: 4
Genre: Fantasy


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Search for the last unicorn is a zoo tycoon 2 machinima series made by TheSilleGuy This series was inspired by Dannybobs series "Hunt for bigfoot". But in this series, the explorer seaches for a unicorn. The last unicorn.

Synopsis (WARNING: May Contain Spoilers!)


An unicorn has stealed apples from a applefarm. So an explorer comes to see what it is. The owner of the applefarm thinks the unicorn i just noncese, but the investigater belives in this creature. He also sais that hes going to prove that its real. Then the explorer walks on a path with fence around it. (Probubly to keep the unicorn away.) After a little walking he finds a hill. The path continues on the hill. The explorer goes up, takes a picture of the forest and jumps down the hill without getting hurt. He continues walking for a while. He finds a vaultwith flowers in it. Then he meet the owner of the applefarm. The owner gets angry on the explorer for saying that is a unicorn thats taking hes apples. The owner says that he dosent beleve in that childish nonsense, and tells the explorer to get out of the farm. But then the explorer says that hegot premission to get to the farm, and the owner screams. The explorer just says "Thank you" and walks to a gate nearby. Then the explorer opens the gate and goes in to the wild that is behind. The explorer seaches but dosent find the unicorn. Then he gets an idea. He gets back where he started. The plan is about taking an apple and lay it somewhere and wait intill the unicorn comes. Then he will get it on picutre. He picks up an apple, but then he gets another idea. He tells a man to freeze its apple so the unicorn wont eat it fast.

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