The Village Massacre first aired on the 23rd of December. As the first series U'Herfuoi made, it was never immensely popular, and it was plagued with mistakes, including spelling, grammar, font size, sound, and obvious filming mistakes. But as a first series, with what would be quite boring monsters, most viewers said that they were impressed how he managed to still make it interesting with a extremely basic plot. It's plot did not change very dramatically, though the Deinonychi (named Olluctoraptors in the video) were added later to give the plot some more suspense. But he did make more of a back story then one would think necessary. He named almost all the creatures there, and even explain how they got there by an evolutionary sense. For example, the Tyrannosaur seen in the video was said to be a Carcharodermasaurus-a totally made up animal-that evolved from Nanotyrannus. Compared to the other series, it has the least number of views and posts.



Erik Opland, an investigator at AMT, is sent to an isolated valley in the Andes in response to a distress single informing them of an attack of a native village. Erik was sent to find the culprit, and identify it by taking a picture. Upon landing in the mountains via helicopter, he finds the village. He enters the destroyed area by clambering over a destroyed part of the wall. As he looks around, he realized that the place is covered with rotten corpses. He investigates a corpse and concludes that it couldn't have been done by a predator around the region or poachers. He exits the village and follows the corpse of an unlucky victim who was dismembered as it was brought up into the mountains. Erik continues further and hears strange growls that don't seem to fit the environment. Night eventually approaches and Opland sets up camp. For a time he is soundly asleep, but he is jolted awake by the roars of two hidden beast roaring angrily. After panicking he eventually calms back down and falls asleep once more. Next morning he wakes up and decides to continue to follow the gory trail. He arrives at a cliff suspended over a river and decides to rappel his way down to the flowing water. As he enters the water, he is dragged off track by the powerful current in the water. He eventually drags himself back to land to see a herd of ceratopsians accompanying some mountain tapirs. After he bursts in excitement from his find, He continues on and gets attacked by a Carcharodermasaurus. He manages to dodge its attacks and takes a picture of it. Completing his job, he calls his Co-worker, Vince, to call a helicopter to pick him up. But, Vince cannot get his coordinates, thus he tells him to continue on and try to find a road. Erik follows his plan and he continues up into the mountains. He meets some conservationists who were watching the Dinosaurs and they allow him to sleep in their cabin for the night. But this tranquility is short-lived as a pack of Olluctoraptors attacks the place at night. Erik then regains consciousness in the Olluctoraptors' main nest with his leg torn open. He managed to limp his way out of the nest, but he is cut off by two purrusauruses clambering out of a lake. He sneaks past them and balances his way across a thin path between two gaps. Once he gets across, he realizes that the Olluctoraptors have been stalking him. He evades them for sometime, but it eventually trapped. An earthquake suddenly happens, which causes the raptors to abandon their hunt in fear of death. Erik continues on his path to escape, and finds himslef in an active hunt of Carcharodermasaurus preying on Megatherium. He dodges his way across and stumbles onto a road, where he is brought to an airport and returns home safely.


-Erik Opland is named after one of U'Herfuoi's friends.

-Vince is inspired by Red vs. Blue's Vick, and is practically the exact same person.

-Originally, there was not supposed to be any raptors in the series.

-The series was base off of Stalker2k7's "Search for the Yeti".

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