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Forest of terror
Forest of terror
Parts: 4
Genre: Sci-fi, Horror


John Walton
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Gordon Turnley

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Total runtime:

33 mins

Series II: Forest of Terror

Forest of Terror is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohn for his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. Forest of Terror Follows Explorer Gordon Turnley as he quests to destroy threats to humanity. Under orders from the Explorer Union Base, Gordon travels to a hidden forest, investigating the reappearence of zombies in the area. However, the wiley explorer soon discovers old enemies, new perils and a plot which threatens to cause yet more havoc for himself and his team.

Set in Four parts, Forest of Terror continues the story of Gordon Turnley, his job and the monsters he battles along the way. Not his finest series, Forest of Terror is the reason of Jesusranchjohn's discovery. Including a far more suspensful and thrilling story than it's predecessor, Series I: Final Maintenance. Forest of Terror is a popular machinima, which set the bar for the rest of the directors work.


  • It is never explained how the zombies crossed the chasm. We assume they can climb because of this.
  • The laboratory in part four plays a relatively minor part, despite having such an important role - a mistake corrected in all future series.
  • We can assume that the Andrewsarchus is a result of genetic experimentation due to the existence of one in the laboratory.
  • Again, we do not learn of Gordon's name this series
  • As announced by Jesusranchjohn, Forest of Terror will be left out of the Explorer Chronicles novel adaptation series.


Forest of Terror was the series to break Jesusranchjohn into the world of successful machinima directors. As such, it gave viewers a good idea of what to expect in future adventures. The series reamins to this day a popular choice for die hard fans of the director, and is considered somewhat cult viewing amongst many fans.

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