Mine Site Murder, by U'Herfuoi, came out on February 7, 2008. Compared to the first series, The Village Massacre, it was much more professional, showing many fewer mistakes and having better special effects and a better story line. Mine Site Murder was not at first inspired by any videos, and it was just invented from U'Herfuoi's active imagination. But, the original plot was extremely bland and almost completely alike The Village Massacre. The plan was for Erik to scan the mine where the workers disappeared, and then wander off into the forest. Eventually, he was supposed to find the dragon, take a picture then try to reach a landing site. But after reading The Lost World and Congoby Micheal Crichton, the plot immensely changed. Poachers were added into the story line, and the dragon made its appearance much later in the series. This more complex and winding plot made Mine Site Murder an incredibly popular series. But, as the series reached Part 3, the greatly-hated insanecomedy criticized that the video was too familiar to Stalker2k7's series. He also wished the director death. This was far from the first outrageous outburst he had-once he raged over JesusRanchjohn for accidentally deleting a video which he uploaded immediately reloaded after-and he is essentially hated by every single director. But it was widely approved of, though some found the plot too complex for their short attention span to follow.



Part One:

Erik Opland lands on the foot of the Rocky Mountains via helicopter. He walks towards a look-out building located near the mine site where the workers were last recorded. He enters the building and speaks to the director of the facility, named Daniel West. He learns the situation and he views a video of another company's agent, who was killed by an unknown creature. Erik is given a basic pistol just in case if things get hectic. Erik exits the building and enters the cave. There he finds explosives used to destroy rock. He takes them and continues out, finding large spots where earth was displaced.

Part Two:

Erik Opland continues on, following the trail of upturned dirt. He crosses path with a bear and continues one. Soon after, he finds a bloody path located where the agent from before died. After finding out that it is human blood, he follows the trail of blood and stumbles upon the agent's decapitated body. He finds that the head was torn off, and that the chest wounds must have been caused by teeth. He continues on.

Part Three:

Erik Opland wanders further, and he soon reaches a massive plain containing many prehistoric mammals and dinosaurs. He makes his way through a heard of Mastodon, dodges a hunting Maxemuscaedo (large raptors) and sees massive Stegosaurs. But his glee is cut off when he finds another trail of blood. As he tracks the blood-covered path, he gets shocked by an electric fence. After recovering from the discharge, he finds a part of the fence that was smashed down by an unknown creature. He clambers his way across the downed fence and sneaks inside the fence place.

Part Four:

He finds out that the place is a poacher station, where they bring the extinct animals to an area known as the "slaughter house". After placing a tracker, he accidentally triggers the alarm. At the sounds, the poachers begin firing at him.

Part Five:

He manages to escape the poachers by rappelling his way up a waterfall, but in the process he gets grazed by a bullet. As he moves off, he hears distant roars. He continues to move when he discovers that the poachers have been tracking him and have set up a plan to surround him. He runs and manages to dodge the poachers until he reaches a secluded area. There, he calls for a helicopter to pick him up. He just escapes the poachers and flies off. But during the flight, the helicopter gets attacked by something and crashes.

Part Six:

Erik wakes up in a daze and realizes that he crash-landed. As he investigates his surroundings, he realizes that he is in a part of the forest where most of the trees have be snapped down, and corpses lie everywhere. He concludes that it much be a nest and decides to carefully pick his way across the dead bodies. After sometime, he finds a surviving worker who explains him that the monster was a dragon, and that she just manages to escape. Erik then decides to leave before the dragon finds them again, but the survivor asks him if she can take a breather before going. Erik acknowledges her decree and waits patiently, but as he waits, the dragon smell the survivor and devours her while he turned his back. Surprised by the horrifying screeches of the woman, he turns around just in time to here the dragon fly off. He curses and follows the sounds.

Part Seven:

Erik finally sees the flying beast feasting of a carcass. He tries to sneak past the monster but immediately catches the intention of the dragon, who promptly chases him. Using the advantage of trees blocking the giant's way, he flees to a river, where he rides the current to safety. But as the river reaches a lake, he finds that the dragon has continued to follow him, and he sprints towards the forest. After loosing the dragon for a short time, he finds an SMG used by the poachers lying on the ground. After finding out that it has ran out of ammo, he then remembers his pistol and begins firing at the dragon. The beast answers his action with a gush of flames which Erik just barely dodges. After some more shots, the dragon flees momentarily, buying Erik sometime to run. He eventually finds an underground path and just barely dodges a burst of flames as he runs in.

Part Eight:

Erik emerges from the other side of the underground route. He checks the skies but finds nothing. Satisfied that the place is safe-for now-he goes up a hill and scans the area. Off into a valley, he finds a large facility and wonders if it is a mutation factory. As he approaches the building, he leaps behind trees to hid from view. He eventually reaches the place to find it abandoned, and he enters inside. He finds a single poacher calling for help and points a gun to his head as he asks questions. The poacher explains that the facility is not a mutation factory (telling him that he's watched too many movies) and explains that it is a power plant that uses platinum as fuel. Erik is about to ask more questions when he is interrupted by the blood-curdling roar of the dragon. He dashes out of the plant to see that massive dragon blast through the walls and gush flames onto the power plants reactor. Erik just manages to get out of range of the powerful explosion and rises to see a massive crater replacing the area where the building used to be. He continues deeper into the forest to find the dragon nesting inside a deep pit. Then recalling the mines he picked up earlier, he places them strategically to cause a rock slide to bury the dragon. The mines detonate, covering the beast under hundreds of tons of rock. Erik walks near a cliff where he calls Vince, but he is immediately shot in the lung, where he collapses off the cliff and is presumed dead.


-Daniel West is actually the name of U'Herfuoi's freshman biology teacher.

-The upturned dirt was not supposed to be the dragons foot steps, but instead the dragons massive wings causing powerful gusts.

-The poachers once yell, "There's the snitch!" This was originally used in demscup's series "Secrets of Africa".

-When Erik is told that he watches way too many movies when he asked the poacher if the facility was a mutation factory in part 8, this was actually a shout out to insanecomedy. Another, more obvious one will come out in A Dawning End.

-The dragon was originally planned to be giant eagles, but this was quickly removed.

-There was intentionally supposed to be more of a use of the dead worker body, but this was removed as the body only was one gender.

-Vince's personality greatly changes from the lazy reconnaissance worker to a more short-tempered version.

-Erik swears the most within this series, mostly due to the fact he hates hiking.

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