Blood on the Beach was U'Herfuoi's third series, and by far, the most praised. First aired in April 18, 2008, it was also the slowest to become completed because of something known as the Great Delay. The Great Delay was caused because the computer suffered from a virus, but it was not fixed until three months later. While this delay was aggravating, it did allow a couple things to happen. First of all, this enabled U'Herfuoi to be able to edit the series to a great measure, and to add relations between Dannybob's and JesusRanchJohn's series. This also means Blood on the Beach is the most edited series of all. It was originally planned just to be Erik swimming through the ocean after hearing that a couple of party goers' boats sunk, and eventually finding the marine dragon and have a face-off before finishing. But the plot was exceptionally boring. He then added the island that Erik visits with the survivors, but once again, it did not seem essentially exciting. Then, Udaho456 read Micheal Crichton's State of Fear. He wanted to apply the same concept to one of his series, and Blood on the Beach was a perfect opportunity. The company was going to be S.O.C.T., and was going to have a longer lead later on. Erik was going to do everything the final plot did, par the mysterious creature on the island, the relations to Dannybob's and JRJ's series, and the cliff hangar at the end of the series. After starting his series, Dannybob asked U'Herfuoi if he would like to do a joint series with JRJ and him. He quickly replied a affirmative, and only had to add some discussions with other people in the company. The Mysterious Island Creature and the Mysterious Plane Creature were added later on, nearing the end of the Great Delay. Many clues were placed inside the series, some more obvious then others. When it started back on, I was a massive hit and was popular through out the people, though some found the cliffhanger annoying.




We start in the eyes of a French executive in Nice, named Mr. Cote-de-Lac, where he gets a call about a private company called S.O.C.T. who wants to rent three boats for studying ocean currents. After discussing with an negotiator from S.O.C.T., he decides to go to the port to see the boats. Once he arrives, the boats have already went off to the ocean, but they're in way too shallow water to be able to be studying ocean currents. After learning that they've already checked all their equipment, he turns around to hear the sound of an explosion. He sees one of the ship come uncontrollably quickly to the port and narrowly manages to get out of the way of the destroyed boat. Confused, he tells the sailors to call an investigator.


-Mr. Cote-de-lac states that the boats are in too shallow water to be studying ocean currents, implying that they are therefore doing something else.

Part One

This time, the episode start with a discussion between two people and the sound of a beating heart. The image soon fades into the screen, in the eyes of somebody waking up on a hospital bed. This proves to be Erik Opland, who is explained by a doctor that he just managed to save you from certain death. After eating some food, Erik decides to explore the hospital. He finds that they have a few peafowls wandering around and a dinosaur that turned out to be a creature from the valley in Village Massacre that Erik just didn't see. He continues on and finds someone who also works for AMT who was sent to tell him that he had a mission to do in Nice. After a couple hours, Erik arrives at Nice's port and enters the crashed ship. In his process of searching he finds a working computer and finds a distress message. It talks about a project working perfectly before getting attacked by a certain creature. stressed by this message, he asks where one of the other three boats crashed, and sets off to the nearest beach where the other ship crashed.


-The message speaks of a project creating sound waves. When it comes to ocean currents, they would never be testing some sort of sound making thing.

Part Two

Erik arrives at the beach-which is closed-and asks a woman on duty how come it's closed. She responds that it is closed because of a huge presence of blood on the beach. She explains that it is from a whale, but strangely an adult whale at full health, so it is confusing on what killed it. Erik thanks the woman for telling him this and tells her he's from AMT and thus has the ability to access the beach. She agrees to his demands and lets him in. He dives into the ocean follows a trail of blood. He eventually wanders across the whale carcass to find that it had massive bite marks. He wonders if it's a Megalodon and continues on. He finds dead bodies that have shown to have been eaten by sharks. Erik continues till he finds another trail of blood and follows it. It leads to a volcanic pit where a landslide occurs that causes a passage way to open up. Erik enters it and continues on.


-The dead whale hints about a super predator that destroyed the ships.

-The volcanic pit hints about the volcanic island seen later.

Part Three

He enters another volcanic pit, but this time he must go right across it to continue on. He considers going back, but another landslide blocks the way back. He turns back and dodges sudden bursts of magma. Once he gets on the other side, he continues on till he finds one of the rental ships. As he checks it, he finds working computer-he asks how it could possibly work underwater-and accesses it's database. He first finds a conversation between two people-one called Palkia and the other LaDouche- talking about trading Pokemon cards. Seeing no relevance to it, he exits out and tries another conversation. This one is between Mr. Freeman and someone hidden. Mr. Freeman explains to the hidden person that the ships holding the "project" sunk after being attacked by something unknown. Hidden reacts with rage fro this an rants about Freeman's failure as well as Peter's on containing the creature within his hands. Erik leaves the computer and continues on when he hears a distant moaning roar. Frightened by the sounds, he swims back up to the surface where he almost gets hit by a boat before he gets stuck in their wake. He calls out to the ship and it slows to a stop and a man inside the ship tells Erik to get on the ship. Erik obliges to the request and climb aboard. After going to the front on the ship where a cabin in located, he is told to go to the back and enter the complex from there. he turns aorund and does as he is told, but he meets some extremely mean-spirited people. after making his way to the captain's cabin he explains him that he was sent to find S.O.C.T.'s ships. The captain-Richard Simmons- reacts strangely to the name S.O.C.T. and asks Erik if he wants to take off his scuba gear. Erik answer yes and walks off to change. Once Erik goes downstairs, Richard curses and walks over to a scientist named Julia. He tells Julia to call somebody called Ms. Hernandez. He explains to her that he has the investigator of the S.O.C.T. ship incident on board and asks what he should do with him. Ms. Hernandez answers that he should kill him, and Richard is quick to obey her commands. He sends a group of marines to get Erik. The scene reenters the eyes of Erik just as he is knocked unconscious and tossed over the boat into the ocean-without his scuba gear.


-The second volcanic pit scene was another more dominant hint to the volcanic eruption on the island.

-Hidden complains about losing the project and the creature at the same time. The question is: Why would an ocean research company have creatures? And why would Hidden threaten to kill Mr. Freeman over it?

-The distant roars are the sounds generated by the marine predator.

-Richard acts very awkwardly to the mention of S.O.C.T., signifying something much more sinister is happening. This is also enforced by the attempt at murdering Erik.

Part Four

Erik regain consciousness on a beach to see that he is uncomfortably near a large, weasel-like predator. After leaping back and avoiding the animal, he notices that he is on a island, and judging by the thick forest it contains, a deserted one. He recalls that he was thrown off the ship seen in Part Three and decides to scan the beach for some useful things before moving within the island. In his search, he finds a ship that banked itself to shore. He quickly conforms that it is a S.O.C.T.-rented ship and climbs aboard. He finds a computer and access it, where a conversation between Mr. Freeman and Hidden plays. Mr. Freeman explains that he has most likely killed the investigator (Erik) and he has sent two soldiers to identify the dead body-even if they have to make it dead. Hidden shows happiness over this, stating that Peter has also started the cruise to sink and it is all up to Riley's job of killing his target. Erik logs off the computer and assumes that the soldiers are going to come to the island to kill him any minute, so he decides to move on to the nearby forest in a attempt to loose them. As he enters the thick forest, he sees a strange blue object flying over head. The scene then is viewed through the eyes of a creature that growls as it lowers. The camera then returns in the eyes of Erik as he heads towards the blue object. But as he arrives, it disappears above the canopy. Just then a pack of raptors find him and prepare to attack. They are quickly interrupted by an unknown roar coming from the forest. The raptors give up the hunt in fear and Erik escapes. He reaches a dried river bed with an "island" in the middle. He decides to take the left side, when he hears the roars from the mysterious creature. He decides to take the right side when a rock slide soon blocks the left side with several hundred tons of stone. After realizing how lucky he was of changing his trajectory to the other side, he continues down the dried river and finds an ancient bridge suspended over a canyon with a river. As he looks down, he sees that rhino-sized rodents drink near the river. He also concludes that the bridge must be several hundred years old. He climbs over the bridge and finds that the other side leads to a bamboo forest. He goes in, but as he continues through, he hear growls that sound uncomfortably close. He reaches the end of the forest and sees a huge primate-that he concludes must be a relative of the Barbary ape- near a river. He decides to swim across the river, but the powerful currents fling him over a huge waterfall, which concludes the episode.


-In the message, Hidden talks about "Peter" starting the cruise's flooding. This has strange relations to Devil's Cruise by JesusRanchJohn. They also talk about Riley who is the well-known scientist in Stalker2k7's Rise of Evil.

-A blue object is seen for a brief period before leaving, and the cut scene makes it seem that the creature descends,implying that it walked down something on a flat plain.

-The roars always are heard when Erik is in harm, and always diverts the danger or him from the danger. This implies the question: Is it friend or foe?

Part Five

The part starts off with the camera free roaming, and a boat speeds by the camera. The camera then snaps to the two soldiers inside, with one telling Mr. Freeman that he is nearing the location of Erik's signal. The marine hangs up and his co-worker mentions the strangely irregular patterns the signal is making. The first marine brushes the problem off by saying he's probably stuck in a whirlpool. But then, the second marine realizes that they are approaching a huge island, and the signal originates from there. The first marine swears in anger and accelerates towards the island. The scene cuts back into Erik's eyes, who just regains consciousness after his fall down the waterfall. He reaches shore in a new area that is more inland and dry, with more parse forests. Erik scrambles on the dirt and sees two huge birds wander by him. He makes room for their large bulk and continues on. He then finds smaller birds that have a strange resemblance to the dodo bird, but he concludes that they are not dodos as this island is located in the Atlantic. He continues on and stumbles upon a damaged radio and starts to adjust the frequency. He gets onto a frequency where two men talk to each other. But the message is broken up and he only can decipher that "Peter" has completely sunken the ship and he asks Mr. Freeman if he can pick him up from his boat. He also warns that someone is on board and needs to be taken care of, and Mr. Freeman agrees to his request as well as saying that he can take care of the person. He also thanks Peter for giving him something that can really hold the projects. After that, the message is cut off by a burst of static. He continues on and finds out that the island is not only volcanic, but also active when he sees pit with carbon dioxide seeping out of them. He concludes that he must hurry to find the survivors and moves on. He eventually reaches a cliff over looking a thick forest and pool of dark, murky water. He contemplates the murky water below when he hears something behind him. He turns around to see the two soldiers standing close to him, preparing to shoot. After a brief dispute, Erik decides to jump into the dark water below. As he lands into the water, he realizes that it is actually poisonous and boiling hot. Erik paddles frantically for a couple of seconds before blacking out. Then, a growling roar is heard before Erik wakes up once more to find that he is on dry land near the poisonous pool. He wonders for a time how he got out, but he then decides to continue further into the nearby forest. As he wanders in there, he finds a huge nest, and mentions that he wouldn't want to see the mother of the brood. He then continues on, to hear the sounds of bullets slashing through the leaves. Erik leaps into a bush, though this is only a small delay for the soldiers' job. They begin calling out for him when they are interrupted by the mysterious creature. From Erik's hiding spot, the creature cannot be seen, but it is guessed that it kills both soldiers before running off again. Erik exits his hiding spot to run through the forest, in fear that the creature will start to interest in him.


-The message on the radio states that somebody called "Gor...nley" was trapped on the ship while it sank. If one puts in the right words, it will spell, "Gordon Turnley", the main character of JesusRanchJohn's chronicles.

-The soldiers talk about recognizing Erik at "the outpost" for a short time before Erik leaps into the water, which can be related to Series II's poacher outpost.

-The mysterious creature kills the two soldiers who were attempting to harm Erik, but ignores Erik completely.

-The massive nest implies something massive lives on the island or comes there to lay eggs.

-The mysterious creature can be heard growling after Erik blacks out in the pool before waking up on the shore.

Part Six

Erik slows his pace and starts investigating his surroundings. He notices that the air seems to be loosing it's humidity and that the forests are becoming more and more thin. His investigation is interrupted by a tremor. Soon, he realizes that the environment has changed to a grassland, with a flock of gallamus-like dinosaurs drinking from the base of a waterfall. He takes note of them and continues into a valley where a herd of Hardosaurs graze near a dried pond. He gives them a wide berth to get to the other side of the valley. Once he reaches it, he turns around to see a carnosaur treking forward. He evades it and continues Into another valley where a couple of sauropods wanders to a lake. He walks by them and returns to a parse forest. Another tremor hits, slightly more powerful then before. He continues forward, but a bit more worried. He then smells smoke and worries it is a forest fire. But he is soon corrected when he sees a large pile of burning wood. He clambers across a cliff to arrive on the other side of the fire pit, where he finds a village filled with survivors. He enters inside and asks the nearest survivor if they came from the S.O.C.T. boat that crashed on the island. The scientist replies that yes, in fact they are, and asks Erik if he is a soldier sent to rescue them. Erik quickly answers no and explains with disgust that he was being hunted by soldiers. The survivor stammers that he couldn't understand why they would do that, but Erik is far from convinced. But for now he dismisses the conversation and asks him if they have a radio. The survivor answers that it is in the back of the village. After calculating him, Erik moves off to the back where he finds the radio. He turns it on and taps into a conversation between Mr. Freeman and Peter. As Freeman exlpains, Ms. Hernandez is furious because they both pratically failed their mission. As he explains, Peter's explorer managed to survive the sinking of the ship while His very own explorer escaped the soldiers sent to kill him because he was help by something. By the time Mr. Freeman begins to say what attacked the soldiers, and massively powerful tremor breaks the connection and causes Erik to loose his balance and collapse on the ground. As he recovers, he hears the survivors screaming in fear. He moves back to the entrance where the survivor he talked to was located and he explains that the volcano has begun to erupt. The scene then cuts to a picture of the volcano, that begins to shake in strain before erupting into a brilliant explosion.


-The radio talks about something helping Erik fend off the soldiers, pointing to the fact that the creature is in fact friend.

Part Seven

Erik begins to change into survival mode when he tells the other to get up to leave the island. Most of the people refuse to, thinking it would be safer just to sit it out. This is followed by a volcanic bomb smashing into the village, killing all but, including Erik, four survivors. This disaster leads the rest to make a run for it. Erik leads them to the way he came only to find that the path has been destroyed by a volcanic bomb. He finds out there is another passage way on the other side of the valley and takes it till he reaches a river. He leaps into the river and rides along the current till he scrambles out just in time to avoid a small drop. One survivor gets out as well, but the other two were carried over the edge and thrown into what proved to be the highly toxic pools. With no way to save them, he and the survivor run through a burning forest till they land into a valley with high ridges and ignited in flames. After seeing that there is no way out, Erik begins to panic when the familiar roar is heard and with that being followed by a landslide that clears a passage way for the two. They climb up it, and arrive to the valley seen near the end of Part Five-but instead of being a thick forest, it is a blaze. Erik and the survivor speed through the inferno stopping only feet away from the now enlarged toxic pool seen in Part Five. They make their way across it and arrive at a gas pit via a now destroyed blockade. Without any method of going around it, they run straight into it, only just escaping. The two the jump into a River that takes them both over a waterfall. When they finally reach the shore, Erik and the survivor speed across dangerous ground only to find that the way out is over a sheer wall. But once again, the roar is heard, followed with the collapse of the wall, allowing the two to escape. The two make it to the beach, where the survivor calls for help. After a couple of minutes, a life boat filled with survivors of a sunk cruise come to pick them up. The man on the boat who told the boat to stop near the island was a man named Jack Gullium. Once Erik and the survivor arrive on board, the boat sails off for a location that the island survivor said. They finally arrive on the boat, where Erik is promptly knocked unconscious by guards.


  • The creature's roars are always heard before a pathway is made to allow Erik to live
  • Jack Gullium was the false name that Orensburg used in the Devil's Cruise

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