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Resort of horrors
Resort of horrors
Parts: 4
Genre: Sci-fi, Horror


John Walton
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Gordon Turnley
Harold Daniels

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Series III: Resort of Horrors

Resorts of Horrors is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohn for his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. resort of Horrors Follows Explorer Gordon Turnley as he quests to destroy threats to humanity. Under orders from the Explorer Union Base, Gordon travels to the Golden Otter resort, a commercial island funded and owned by Mr Daniels. Investigating attacks on workers and holiday makers on the island, Gordon soon discovers a plot of such evil that failure to stop it could doom the entire planet.

Set in Four parts, Resort of Horrors continues the story of Gordon Turnley, his job and the monsters he battles along the way. Amongst his most popular series, Resort of Horrors is the reason of Jesusranchjohn's popularity. The plotline has a huge twist at the end, and is far more complex than it's predecessor, Series II: Forest of Terror, Resort of Horrors is a popular machinima, which set the bar for the rest of the directors work.


  • Jesusranchjohn voiced the camera scenes himself, but refused to in future series as he disliked the effect.
  • It is not explained what the mysterious building in part two was for, and so we assume it was most likely for maintenance purposes.
  • Resort of horrors is widely considered the directors finest work.
  • The ship in the closing scene was originally meant to link to the discontinued fourth series Crash Landing, a series which the director felt was "Too similar to Resort of Horrors".
  • Gordon's name is never mentioned, and is referred to as 'Explorer 1'
  • Part one of the series does not say 'Resort of horrors', but 'Resort of horror'.


Resort of Horrors was a big hit, and rapidly became JRJ's best known series, surpassed only in fame by 'A Dawning End'. To this day the series has a viewing peak of 21,847 hits, placing second most viewed after Forest of Terror (25,540 views)

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