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Screaming lake
Screaming lake
Parts: 6
Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Action


John Walton
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Gordon Turnley
Janice Smith
Robert Thompson

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Series IV: Screaming Lake

Screaming Lake is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohn for his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. Screaming Lake follows Explorer Gordon Turnley as he quests to destroy threats to humanity. Under orders from the Explorer Union Base, Gordon travels to the Screaming Lake preserve, a laboratory which exists to study the behaviours of tundra - situated animals. However, when a time portal appears deep beneath the lakes surface, Gordon must journey through time and close the portal forever; but there is a heavy price to pay for victory.

Set in six parts, Screaming Lake continues the story of Gordon Turnley, Janice Smith, his job and the monsters he battles along the way. Amongst his most popular series, Screaming Lake was the most complicated series to date. The plotline dabbles with the difficult and complex subject of time travel, making it more difficult to make than Series III: Resort of Horrors. Screaming Lake is home to one of the directors finest endings to a series, keeping viewers guessing as to how the next series will begin.


  • No trees are able to suvive in the Antarctic Wastlands.
  • For the character of Robert Thompson, Walton drew inspiration from James Lester.
  • The Tyrannosaur on the battelfield existed to allow Gordon to wield the tranquilizer gun.
  • Janice becomes a much more important character in this series.
  • The funeral sequence had to be uplaoded as a seperate 'part' as Windows Movie Maker cut it from the end of part 5.
  • We are denied the knowledge of Gordon's name for a final time this series - this time via his revelation being drowned out by the explosion of the feeder bomb.


Screaming Lake was moderately popular, and paved the way for many pivotal moments in the Explorer Chronicles story.

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