The poison within opening
The Poison Within
Parts: 7
Genre: Sci-fi, Horror


John Walton
Language: English

Gordon Turnley
Janice Smith
Robert Thompson
Harold Daniels Jr
Peter Orensburg
Michael Blake

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Total runtime:

51 minutes

Series V: The Poison Within

The Poison Within is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohn for his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. The Poison Within follows Explorer Gordon Turnley as he quests to destroy threats to humanity. Following his untimely death at the hands of the Xenomorph assault, Thompson and Janice clone Gordon with the help of the mysterious Mr Nash - and when something goes horribly wrong with Gordon, can Nash really be trusted?

Set in seven parts, The Poison Within continues the story of Gordon Turnley, Janice Smith, his job and the monsters he battles along the way. Amongst his most popular and lengthy series, The Poison Within was a direct continuation of the Screaming Lake story.


  • The scary eyes have been largely condemned by the community, being labelled as 'too scary'.
  • For the character of Robert Thompson, Walton drew inspiration from James Lester.
  • Initially, it was Orensburg who was meant to die in place of Daniels Jr, but Walton had a change of heart at the last, concievable minute.
  • Janice's integrety to the plot is cemented by her marriage to Gordon.
  • Finally, we learn Gordon's name in the teaser, during the cloning process.
  • At 51 minutes, The Poison Within is the longest series in the Explorer Chronicles, surpassing A Dawning End by at least 2 minutes.


The Poison Within enjoyed a decent success rate, with its only downpoints revolving around the 'scary' eyes.

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