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Devils cruise opening
Devils Cruise
Parts: 5
Genre: Tragedy, Sci-Fi, Tribute


John Walton
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Gordon Turnley
Janice Smith
Michael Blake
Andrew Leeson

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Total runtime:

35 mins

Series VI: Devils Cruise

Devils Cruise is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohn for his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. Devils Cruise follows Explorer Gordon Turnley as he quests to destroy threats to humanity. With Daniels Jr dead and the Explorer Union safely under the control of Blake once more, Gordon, Janice and the Explorers decide to go on a relaxing holiday cruise aboard the recently - constructed 'RMS Explorer'. However, when an old enemy makes an unwelcome return, what was a jovial rest becomes a struggle for survival.

Set in five parts, Devils Cruise continues the story of Gordon Turnley, Janice Smith, his job and the monsters he battles along the way. Amongst his most popular and lengthy series, Devils Cruise touched the hearts of the community - a brief change from inducing fear and doubt..


  • John Walton wrote and created Devils Cruise as a tribute to the victims of the Titanic..
  • Andrew Leeson has been quoted as John's favourite character in the series, alongside Orensburg.
  • Initially, the ship was much larger, but map size made such a feat ridiculous.
  • The creature from the ship was originally to be shown in the final series, A Dawning End.
  • Janice 'loses her life' this series.


Devils Cruise is arguably the third most prestigious series in the Explorer Chronicles tale, surpassed only by Resort of Horrors and A Dawning End .

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