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A dawning end opening
A Dawning End
Parts: 11
Genre: Sci-fi, Action


John Walton
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Gordon Turnley
Janice Smith
Peter Orensburg
Michael Blake
Kevin Smith

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Total runtime:

49 mins

Series VII: A Dawning End

A Dawning End is a machinima created by Jesusranchjohn for his Explorer Chronicles portfolio. A Dawning End follows Explorer Gordon Turnley as he quests to destroy threats to humanity. The conclusion of the Explorer Chronicles story, A Dawning End follows Gordon in his attempts to avenge the death of his wife by fighting against Orensburg's forces one final time.

Set in eleven parts, A Dawning End concludes the story of Gordon Turnley, Janice Smith, his job and the monsters he battles along the way. His most popular and lengthy series, A Dawning End was a direct continuation of the Devils Cruise story.


In early 2009, Walton announced he was fed up of machinima, and was cancelling A Dawning End to work on live action series, Everyday Life.


Late 2009 saw Walton announce that he was, in fact, going to complete A Dawning End and Gordon's story, because he felt that he owed it to both the fans and Gordon himself - the very character who propelled him to fame.


  • A Dawning End was originally a collaboration between Jesusranchjohn, Stalker2K7 and Udaho456, but this was soon discontinued..
  • A Dawning End saw the deaths of many individuals - the most to die in any series.
  • The final scene was intended to be longer, but Walton felt that it was best to simply explain Gordon's happiness than show it.
  • Janice's return was employed last minute to please the fan base.
  • In the end of the series, we have come full elipses: Gordon's story began and ended at GreenField.
  • At time of filming, John had already been using voice dubs and cinematic editing with Isla de Peligro and Broken, but chose to keep the subtitles to keep a theme with the series, and allow viewers to become Gordon.
  • A Dawning End was the first and only series in the Explorer Chronicles chain to be edited using Sony Vegas 7.0 instead of Windows Movie Maker. 
  • For a strange crossover series, this series features the Shadow Demon, a notorious killer ape that was created in the Oslane Swamp. Orensburg, strangely, refered them as "Oslane Demons" instead of their true, more demoinc namesake.


A Dawning End was, without a doubt, the most popular and eagerly anticipated series in the Explorer Chronicles tale, and the one to use the most cinematic editing.

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