Series VIII: Mr. Drem

Mr Drem is the eighth and final series in the Explorer Chronicles, a portfolio of series created by YouTube director Jesusranchjohn. At present, Mr. Drem is only in the scripting stages of Pre Production, however when asked about the series John had this to say:

"Series Eight is definately going to go into production sometime in 2009 under the name of "Mr. Drem". Although this name could be changed at a later date, I have no no plans to do so at present. As for any hints as to the contents of the series, I don't feel it appropriate to say much. All I will say is that this IS the last series involving Gordon and the Explorer Union regardless of what people may believe. "Mr. Drem" has links to the very first series Final Maintenance and other series. Other than that I do not wish to disclose any further information at this time" - Jesusranchjohn

Speculation about Series Eight

There has been speculation about just who or what Mr. Drem is, and whether he is Human or Alien, good or bad or a codename. At this point the character or object is unknown to everyone other than the director himself.

| Jesusranchjohn's YouTube Page (with quote)

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