Original Shadow Raptors

Originally Shadow Raptors was a medium sized site, with around thirty members. They specialized in dinosaurs and terror-birds. The original site lasted for a short period of time.


Fairly early on, Shadow Raptors was hacked by what is now believed to have been G00ns. The site was virtually destroyed. After continuously trying to revive his site, the Shadow Raptor Admin, Goliathfrog, gave up. For a long period of time it seemed as if Shadow Raptors was done for.

A New Beginning

After seeing how far all of the other sites had come, Goliathfrog decided that he was not going to be left behind. He re-built his site from scratch. The Shadow Raptors were back.

Back in business

Shadow Raptor Admin, Goliathfrog, finally announced that his site was "Back in business" and that the design team was back up. They are currently working on multiple projects.

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