The Snow Leopard, (Panthera uncia, originally Uncia uncia), is a rare feline found in the Himalayas, Nepal and parts of India. It is a crepuscular animal; it is most active at dawn and dusk.

It has a thick layer of soft under-fur covered by thick, long hair. The beautiful coat is pale gray, with black rosettes and small spots, and a black streak along the spine provides perfect camouflage in its mountainous habitat. The snow leopard has wide, furry paws that serve as snowshoes, preventing it from sinking into the snow.

Even though snow leopards cannot roar, they are still considered "big cats" alongside the tiger, the lion, the leopard, and the jaguar.

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In the original version, the snow leopard had to be researched before use. They had a reputation for being hard to please; this may be corrected by placing appropriate amount of foliage in the enclosure: at least 20-30 trees had to be placed inside the exhibit to keep the snow leopard happy, despite the zookeeper recommendations. They like snow, gray stone, and lots of cliffs and hills.

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The snow leopard lives in the alpine biome. They like mountainous terrain. They may tolerate tundra under the correct conditions.


Snow leopard are carnivores that feed on meat and fish.


The snow leopard enjoys the rubber ball, stuffed prey dummy, and live lizard food.


Snow leopards enjoy the snowy rock shelter and the shade structure.


Snow leopards are solitary animals. Their litters usually consist of 2 cubs. Male Snow Leopards sometimes fight and kill other males, so more then one male leopard in an exhibit is not suggested.

They tend to poop near shallow water.


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