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The worlds largest member of the toothed whales, these giants are the largest deep-divers. They have the largest brain of any animal, its own head is one-third as long as its body (its brain however, makes up just a small part of its body compared to dolphins). The sperm whale is named for a special organ in its head, known as the spermaceti. The large whale is the only animal that hunts other giants like collossal or giant squid regularly. The sperm whales' only natural predator, is the orca, though even they have trouble hunting them. Orcas usually leave males alone, as they are considered to big and strong to be bothered. Males (known as bulls) are larger than females (cows.) Males weigh around 40 tons, and are as long as 16meters (52 ft.) Females by contrast, just weigh around 14 tons, and reaches lengths of just 11 meters (36 ft.)

In Zoo Tycoon

The Sperm Whale is an adobtable animal in Zoo Tycoon. They are the most powerful aquatic animal in-game. They require very deep tanks, and require a enormous amount of space, just a little bit less than a humpback whale. They also eat guests.

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