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About Spinosail

Spinosail has been on the online Zoo Tycoon community since it began. He joined Zoo Admin in 2005, but was, for safety reasons, not allowed to post, for he had used his real name as his user name. In June of 2007, he joined the site known as Zoo Tycoon Volcano with the user name: "spinosail623." He remained quiet throughout 2007, only watching the site as it grew. Finally, in early 2008, Spinosail decided to post. He was only doing this to get access to exclusive downloads, but after he had reached the number of posts needed, he continued to post. The reason? He had fallen in love with the site. To this day, Spinosail continues to post on Zoo Tycoon Volcano.

However, he then found a site that would change him forever...YouTube

Ever since Zoo Tycoon Machinima has been possible, Spinosail has always dreamed of making his own videos. Nearly a year ago, he uploaded his first video, Prehistoric Park: A New Beginning, part one. It turned into a big hit, allowing Spinosail to gain the eyes and ears of many viewers. Spinosail continued to upload videos throughout 2008, but at the end of the year, progress slowed, and eventually stopped. What is going to occur now is uncertain. Finally, in February of 09', Spinosail started to post loading codes on his channel. They involved the words "The Drifter." It is noted that Spinosail is The Drifter, so the film may be about him. Later on in February, he uploaded the next part of his Prehistoric Park: A New Beginning series.

Sometime in late 2009, he simply left without any notice. His disappearance marked the eventual decline of Zoo Tycoon Machinima.

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