Cost: $20,000
Fame: 4 Stars
Maintenance: Moderate
Guest Attraction: High
Donations: High

Striped Hyena is an omnivore. These animals draw a lot attention and high donations from guests. In addition to using quite a few enrichment items, they amuse guests by interacting with one another, although they can be agressive. They are also brilliant escape artists, even when their exhibit is surrounded by zookeeper-recommended fencing. Be prepared to capture these wily animals and replace them in their enclosure!

Striped Hyenas are swimmers. They are willing to share an exhibit with African Spurred Tortoise without much stress.

Two pups are usually born after a short gestation period and maturity is reached in approximately 42 days.

Females will not share their exhibit with other females, and will fight and kill one another if the exhibit has more than one female, even when there are enough males for each female.

The average life span is about thirteen months.

Coding and other info

North Africa
Base Donation: $120
Attractiveness: Adults 50 / Young 55
Maximum Tour Value: 70
Minimum cost: $40,000 (2 animals)
Initial Space (4 tri sq): 30
Additional Space: 8.75
Biome Compatibility: -5 Al; 0 Be; 0 Bo; 0 Co; 10 De; 2 Gr; 0 Pe; 0 Re; 2 Sa; 2 Sc; 0 Te; -5 Ra; -10 Tu; -5 We
Conception Chance: 55%
Pregnancey Time: 12 days
Puberty Time: 1 month, 11 days
Lifespan: 12 months, 12 days
Preferred Shelters: Wooden shelter (large & small), concrete shelter (large & small), boreal large burrow, rock cave (large & small), kopje, cubbing den, and raised sleeping platform
Preferred Food/Water: Bananas, fish, berries, meat, dinosaur meat, roots, lettuce, insects, and apples
Preferred Enrichment Items: Small toy ball, pursuit ball, ball w/rattle, rubber toy, squeaky toy, plastic barrel, car tire, apple, carrot, figs, beef shank, bone, live food (lizard), block of ice w/apple, block of ice w/carrot, block of ice w/banana, block of ice w/beef shank, post & rope with ice, heated rock, and tar pit
Swimmer or Drowner: Swimmer
Mark Scent: Log
Climb Rock: Medium (Al-Bo-De-GrTe-Tr-Tu-Sv-Sc-Wt) and large (Al-Bo-De-GrTe-Tr-Tu-Sv-Sc-Wt)
Mark Scent at Rock: Medium/large
Interaction With Other Objects: Can use kopje top/cave; can eat from feeder ball; adult cannot use small boreal burrow
My hyenas

The information in these ZT2 animal guides was gleaned from running actual zoos, examining and interpreting the game code, and information provided by Blue Fang.


There's also hyena in Zoo Tycoon Unleashed but it's a relative called a Spotted Hyena which appeared in Zoo Tycoon and it's a Zoo Tycoon 2 version.